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Depression is becoming endemic, but did you know this common illness is preventable? Learn the habits you need to boost your mental and physical health.

3 great tips to keep yourself healthy and happy

In a busy everyday life it can sometimes be challenging to get everything done while also maintaining your own personal needs. Sometimes it can feel like life just rushes by and it can be hard to get everything done. Maybe you just feel tired and exhausted during the day and have trouble feeling calm and fresh. If you need some tips as to how you can improve both your mental and your physical health, then keep reading here. If you have more serious issues like a depression or anxiety you can also contact professionals like The Kusnacht Practice

Remember to exercise and get out 

If you find yourself getting tired during the day and feel like your head is just ready to snooze off, then you might need to think about activating yourself some more during the day. If you work at an office where you sit down most of the time, you can try to remember to make some extra walks to get fresh water, a cup of coffee, or maybe just do a walk-and-talk meeting with your coworker. If you have the opportunity to also stand up by your desk, you can try and switch between standing and sitting during the day. You can also just try to squeeze in a walk, a small run, a bike ride or some sort of exercise or movement that you find fun and freeing when you get off of work. You can get your family to go with you and make it into some quality time if you like. Exercise helps release stress and tension and it also strengthens your body. 

Get enough sleep 

Sometimes it might feel like there aren’t enough hours during the day and you might end up not sleeping enough because you have to get everything done. Your sleep is really important and you should aim to get around seven to eight hours every night. People have different needs for sleep though, so try and find out how much you need to be happy, energized and motivated each day. 

Get the good nutrients 

When you eat a variety of foods from all the food groups you get a broad range of nutrients which helps keep you energized during the day. If you feel like you are always a bit tired but you exercise during the week and get some good sleep you might have to look into your diet and make sure that you get all the nutrients that you need. If you find it hard to get enough vegetables, then try to incorporate them into smoothies and soups. 

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