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Lisbon Portugal Real Estate

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city and is located on the west coast of Europe. It is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture and a popular destination for both tourists and expats. With the growing interest in Lisbon, the real estate market has also seen a significant increase in demand.


In this article, you can explore real estate in Lisbon,  things to consider, and where to buy one. Let’s first get to know more about this beautiful city.


Real Estate in Lisbon: An Overview

Lisbon is known for its beautiful architecture, historic landmarks, and scenic views. It is a city that is rich in culture and has a thriving arts and entertainment scene. With all these attractions, it’s no wonder that the Lisbon Portugal real estate market is booming.


It’s important to note that the average price of housing in Lisbon is way less than in many other European cities. This makes Lisbon an attractive option for buyers who are looking for a more affordable property investment.

How To Benefit From Buying Lisboa Real Estate

First of all, you have many options for choosing your property type. For example, villas, houses, and apartments are among your options. You can also find a house in the city center or near the beach.


What’s more, Portugal even incentivizes foreigners to buy properties here. For example, the country offers the Golden Visa program that was launched in 2012. Since then, thousands of applicants have bought properties here. As a result of their investment, they became residents of Portugal through their Golden Visa application. The program is available for non-EU citizens.


The program offers real estate investment options in different amounts. It starts from €280,000. Additional benefits of the program include family inclusion and visa-free Schengen visit.


In addition to these advantages, you can yield high returns after you buy Lisbon property for sale. Because the prices increase each year, your property can also gain value.


Lastly, you can benefit from the NHR program if you become a tax resident in Portugal. It’s a non-habitual residency program, and it offers several tax reductions on many incomes.


Lisboa Real Estate: Where to Buy

There are several neighborhoods in Lisbon that are popular with buyers. Some of the most sought-after areas include:


  • Baixa: This is the historic center of Lisbon and is known for its beautiful architecture and historical landmarks. It is a popular area for tourists and has a vibrant nightlife.
  • Chiado: Located in the heart of Lisbon, Chiado is a trendy neighborhood that is popular with young professionals. It is known for its boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Alfama: This is the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon and is known for its narrow, winding streets and traditional architecture. It is a popular area for tourists and is home to several historic landmarks. Buying Lisboa real estate in this area may benefit you in many ways.
  • Avenida da Liberdade: This is one of the most prestigious areas in Lisbon and is known for its luxury boutiques and high-end restaurants. It is a popular area for buyers who are looking for a more upscale property investment.


Lisbon Property for Sale: What to Consider

If you’re interested in buying Lisbon Portugal real estate, there are several factors that you should consider before making a purchase. These include:


  • Location: As with any property investment, location is key. Consider the neighborhood, proximity to amenities, and access to transportation when choosing Lisbon houses for sale.
  • Property type: There are several different types of properties available in Lisbon, including apartments, townhouses, and villas. Consider which type of property will best suit your needs and lifestyle. If you have children, for instance, you may need a bigger house or apartment.
  • Condition: When buying Lisbon Portugal real estate, it’s important to consider the condition of the property. Older properties may require more maintenance and repairs, so be sure to factor these costs into your budget.
  • Budget: For sure, you can buy a property that suits your budget. Do research about the properties that you can afford. In this way, you can narrow your options and gain time for the next steps. Note that additional costs may also apply. So, prepare your budget accordingly.


In short, buying Lisbon Portugal real estate comes with many advantages. Go ahead and search for some of them today!




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