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At the height of her fame: Is Lady Gaga promoting toxic dancers?

Do you ever wonder what really goes on behind the dazzling light shows and synchronized dance routines of our favorite pop music performances? Imagine the stage of a Lady Gaga concert, and now shift your focus to the mastermind behind her mesmerizing choreography, Richy Jackson. 

Recently, he’s come under fire amidst allegations of fostering a toxic work environment for Gaga’s backup dancers. It’s a stark contrast to the incredible performances we’ve seen in her Super Bowl halftime show, and her blockbuster movie, A Star is Born. So, what’s the real story? And what does her height have to do with anything? 

Let’s take a look at Lady Gaga’s height and see if the latest social media rumblings are the height of ignorance or ingenuity. 

Silence broken

Indeed, the whispers turned into screams when ten dancers, shortly before the Chromatica Ball tour kicked off in July 2022, accused Jackson of demeaning and disrespectful behavior. They claimed he created a sense of insecurity, with some expressing their decision to leave their dream job en masse due to his alleged misconduct.

Remaining tight-lipped to avoid overshadowing the Chromatica tour, Jackson didn’t immediately address the allegations. Now, in a candid conversation with Page Six, Jackson revealed his bewilderment at these claims, suggesting they might stem from the disappointment of not being rehired for the tour.

The Choreographer’s Perspective

According to Jackson, only one of the complainants had been selected for the Chromatica Ball tour. He speculates that the rest chose to label themselves as walk-outs to safeguard their pride and ego. Jackson believes that the dancers, some of whom had been working with Lady Gaga since 2009, viewed themselves as “Gaga dancers,” and the loss of that title may have hit hard.

Could it be that Jackson was thrown under the bus to save face, to mask the sting of not being chosen? Could the hurt from this decision have been mistaken for a toxic environment?

Shows of support

Interestingly, several figures in the dance community, including the effervescent Jojo Siwa, have stepped forward in support of Jackson. Siwa, a long-time admirer and collaborator of Jackson, lauded him as an uplifting and inspirational figure in her life.

As far as the allegations about his demeaning feedback to the dancers go, Jackson clarifies that his approach was to provide constructive critique rather than simply reject them, a practice often misconstrued as belittling. He asserts that the intense rehearsal schedules and demanding routines fall within the norm of elite-level dance.

Whats ahead

Despite the accusations, Jackson remains optimistic about his continued collaboration with Lady Gaga, as no wrongdoing was found upon investigation. Meanwhile, Jackson also continues to enjoy the backing of Jojo Siwa and her mother, Jessalynn, both of whom attest to his professional, nonjudgmental, and inspiring workspace.

Ultimately, the world of dance and choreography is intricate, multifaceted, and emotionally charged. It’s not just about the perfect pirouette or synchronized shuffle; it’s about passion, dedication, and sometimes, harsh realities.

So, where do we stand on this contentious issue, and how will it shape the dance industry’s future? Is the line between tough love and toxicity as blurred as it seems, or are we at the height of missing the beat entirely?


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