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'La Rosa de Guadalupe' translates to “the rose of Guadalupe”. Here's why 'La Rose de Guadalupe' should be your next binge.

Believe in miracles? Why you need to watch ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’

Okay, here’s the thing – a lot of people hate La Rosa de Guadalupe. We’re recommending this show for three things: 1. Hate watching 2. When you don’t know what to watch for bad movie night with your friends 3. If you’re a very patient Catholic then you can watch it for the premise. If you go into the show with one of these mindsets, then you’re more likely to actually have a good time.

La Rosa de Guadalupe translates to “the rose of Guadalupe”. The show is Catholic in nature while taking place in the present day. It’s an anthology show, so it presents different characters and different plots with every episode – most take place in Mexico City.

The premise of the show is that people who are in need will go and pray to the Virgin Mary, or as she’s referred to in Mexico, Guadalupe. Once they’ve prayed, a white rose will appear meaning their problems will be solved and their prayers answered. The rest of the episode is devoted to showing this happen.

So far, this show doesn’t sound so bad, especially for anyone who identifies as Catholic. But here’s the thing, most people hate this show – even Catholics. The acting is off the charts bad – one online reviewer commented about how they don’t mind bad acting as long as they, the viewer are having fun, but even La Rosa de Guadalupe crossed a line for this person and they couldn’t stand to watch it.

Despite this, the show has been on air since 2008, because, while many have a tough time watching the show, many other people are willing to put up with the poor acting and dramatic storylines for some uplifting and /or inspiring stories about their faith. Which is totally fair.

However, everyone else is just awe struck by the insanity of the over wrought plotlines, which give even telenovelas a run for their money. Honestly, if you’re ever in need of a laugh and don’t have time to watch an episode, go find some online reviews from people who dislike La Rosa de Guadalupe. You’ll be laughing in no time whether you’ve watched it yourself or not. One person on IMDb, who identified as Catholic, went as far as to say, “fails in every level, God can’t even save this.”

If you, like many of us, enjoy inviting your friends over to watch terrible movies in order to roast the entertainment of the night with your best off-the-cuff quips, then we highly recommend La Rosa de Guadalupe for just such an occasion. The show is available on Univision’s website for free, and fuboTV if you have a subscription with them.

Of course, this show is in Spanish, so it will probably help to have a decent knowledge of the language, unless you can find someplace to watch the show with English subtitles. Or you can do the whole immersion thing where you watch this show in order to learn the language, but that’s entirely up to you.

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