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Just who is Kristen Kish and does she have what it takes to take over for Padma on "Top Chef"? Let's take a look.

Who is Kristen Kish? Get to know the new ‘Top Chef’ host

Is there a scent of transformation in the atmosphere, or is that merely the enticing aromas coming from the Top Chef set? If you’ve been on tenterhooks waiting to find out who’s going to take over from the exiting Padma Lakshmi, we’ve got scorching news for you. Kristen Kish, who dazzled everyone in Season 10, is coming back to the Top Chef kitchen as the brand-new host for Season 21. 

Now, she’s swapping her cooking utensils for the microphone, and the show is venturing into unexplored terrain – Wisconsin.

Winner to host

For Kish, this signifies a victorious comeback to the stage that propelled her into the limelight. After showcasing her culinary prowess in Boston’s posh eateries Stir and Menton under the tutelage of illustrious chef Barbara Lynch, Kish dove headfirst into the realm of televised cooking competitions, bagging the Top Chef crown in 2013. There’s a touch of poetic justice to her return, and we’re betting it’s as delectable as one of her creations.

Kish is well-acquainted with the magnetism of the camera, thanks to her post-Top Chef gastronomic journeys. As a host of programs on TruTV, Travel Channel, National Geographic, and Netflix, she’s left her distinctive imprint in the televised foodie universe. However, she’s also stayed anchored in the world that shaped her, remaining involved with her Austin-based eatery, Arlo Gray.

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New flavor

As the host, Kish is set to reveal the “vibrant and unique culinary scenes in Milwaukee and Madison,” adding a sprinkle of Midwestern flair to Top Chef. This season, Wisconsin’s food scene grabs the spotlight, a first in Top Chef annals, made possible through collaboration with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Could we anticipate cheese-themed contests? Only time will tell.

After 19 triumphant seasons with Top Chef, Lakshmi elected to pack her culinary gear and step aside. Her exit after the conclusion of Season 20 marked the closing of a legendary chapter in food television.

Though Lakshmi wasn’t the initial host, her tenure was imbued with charisma, expertise, and an aptitude to effortlessly handle the show’s product placements. She became inseparable from the show, enthralling viewers with her vivacious personality. Her departure poses a pressing question – can Top Chef reinvent its brand without her leading the charge?

Despite the sudden change, Lakshmi has a full platter to look forward to, mainly concentrating on her culture-oriented show, Taste the Nation. Her new venture lets her stretch her creative wings and provides a refreshing break from the regulated nature of Top Chef.

The legacy

Lakshmi’s imprint on Top Chef is irrefutable, from expressing profound concern for contestants to being the only one to sample every single dish. She took pride in the show’s impact on chefs and food TV, and her dedication to preserving its integrity is clear.

Throughout her tenure, Lakshmi encountered her fair share of skepticism. She was frequently overlooked by chefs on the show and faced criticism due to gender biases. Yet, she remained unwavering, trusting her abilities and proving her worth over and over.

As she forges ahead with Taste the Nation, she strives to propel food TV beyond traditional confines. She’s advocating for a more inclusive culinary representation, spotlighting cuisines often marginalized.

As we wave goodbye to Lakshmi’s era and welcome Kish into the Top Chef clan, one can’t help but speculate – will Kish’s spice-infused approach breathe new life into the show? Will she, with her unique concoction of experience, authenticity, and charm, elevate Top Chef to uncharted territories?

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