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Finnish actress Johanna Korhonen is considered for a leading role in Bruno Pischiutta’s latest film project, The Trilogy

Beautiful Finnish Actress Johanna Korhonen Is Considered for a Leading Role in Bruno Pischiutta’s Trilogy and Launches Into the International Film Industry

Johanna Korhonen will play the intensely complicated character of the bisexual and alluring Connie, in the third film of the Trilogy

A new face is appearing on the international film scene: it is the stunning Johanna Korhonen.

Johanna is a talented actress who, in her native Finland, has already achieved splendid results thanks to her meticulous training, which, in addition to theatre, extends to the study of on-camera acting and improvisation. 

Finnish actress Johanna Korhonen (Photo by Clearlight Pictures)

A graduate of the Finnish Theatre Institute in acting and drama, she has acted in plays and comedies, TV commercials, TV series and numerous shorts and feature films. She is also an influencer on social media: her Instagram account has more than 100,000 followers.

An engineering graduate, Johanna is a woman of exceptional intelligence and rare beauty. She is tall and her voluptuous body is perfectly proportioned to her stature. A natural blonde, her appearance is also authentically Scandinavian.

To fully appreciate Johanna one has to add to her talent and natural gifts her determination.

Finnish actress Johanna Korhonen (Photo by Clearlight Pictures)

“I really want to challenge myself, develop my skills and learn new things about acting. I would like to one day act internationally; acting is inside me and always will be. You can never learn enough, you can only get better,” says Johanna.

Her determination drove her to seek a part in one of the most important film projects in the world right now: the Trilogy, written and directed by Bruno Pischiutta, the acclaimed Italian director who has been working in North America for many years. For this project, which consists of three feature films and three documentaries, casting has been extended to English-speaking actors internationally. Global Film Studio, the production company of the Trilogy, has long been looking for actors for the main characters of the three films, and actors and actresses from different countries aspire to participate in the project. Despite great competition, Johanna Korhonen impressed Maestro Pischiutta and is currently being considered to play the extremely complicated character of the beautiful, bisexual Connie.

Finnish actress Johanna Korhonen (Photo by Clearlight Pictures)

“The project requires a delicate balance to be able to communicate important concepts related to free speech, the sexualization of children, satanism and pedophilia, while showcasing scenes of nudity and sexuality,” explains Pischiutta. Among the many actresses who aspired to play Connie, the director chose Johanna Korhonen because, he says: “This girl is one in a million. Beautiful, intelligent and artistically talented, Johanna has achieved a lot at her young age and, on top of everything else, she is very open-minded and has a very strong nervous system that allows her to overcome the stress that is inherent in her career. I am convinced that with her intelligence, rare beauty, natural qualities and artistic talent she will provide a superlative interpretation of the character of Connie”.

Film writer, director and producer of the Trilogy films, Bruno Pischiutta

Pischiutta concludes by saying that he is “very happy to open the doors of international cinema to Johanna and I am sure that Hollywood will welcome her with open arms because I know she has all the necessary elements to achieve worldwide stardom”.

The project is now finalizing casting and, in a few months, filming of the three films will begin in London and on the Aegean coast in Greece.

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