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Jenna Jameson has been called porn’s most famous adult entertainer. Here's everything you need to know about porn star Jenna Jameson.

Jenna Jameson groomed into a porn career? Everything to know

Jenna Jameson has been called porn’s most famous adult entertainer and was at one point given the title “The Queen of Porn.” In 2008, Jenna Jameson announced her retirement from the porn industry, vowing never to return again. 

In 2004, Jameson wrote an autobiography titled How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale that went into detail about her past life, the trauma she had suffered, and her introduction to porn. Now in 2020, Jameson has taken to Twitter to speak out against sex trafficking in the porn industry giving her support to the latest campaign aimed at shutting down internet pornsites like Pornhub. 

Groomed for porn 

On July 6, 2020, Jameson posted this tweet on her Twitter page, “My father had no idea that at 16, my boyfriend (23 years old) and his father were grooming me to be trafficked into strip clubs and eventually do porn. Please stay involved in your kids lives and question EVERYTHING.” Jameson ended the tweet with the hashtag #SaveThe Children. 

Jameson has always been vocal about the issues she supports on her Twitter and recently her attention has turned to the campaign known as Traffickinghub, run by Laila Mickelwait and her foundation Exodus Cry in an attempt to shut down Pornhub. Jameson has shared her experiences in the industry and condemned the site for sex trafficking and being complicit in child pornography. 

Past abuse 

Jenna Jameson grew up in Nevada and dreamed of becoming a Las Vegas showgirl like her mother before her. Jameson was rejected as a showgirl as she failed to meet the height requirement. After her rejection Jameson turned instead to the world of glamor modelling & stripping which eventually led her to the porn industry

In high school Jameson had two traumatic incidents, the first was when a group of boys from another school gang-raped her and then beat her with rocks. The other was when she experienced another rape, this time at the hands of her then boyfriend’s uncle. 

Jameson was encouraged to start stripping by her boyfriend Jack, who she had moved in with when she was just sixteen. He told her it would bring in a lot of money so Jameson got herself a fake ID so she could dance in Las Vegas strip clubs. She even went as far as removing her braces with pliers to look more older & more appealing. Before she had graduated high school, Jameson was making over $2,000 a night. 

Jack was an abusive partner and would often break up with Jameson on a whim. While still living with him, Jameson made her debut in porn in retaliation for all of Jack’s infidelities. She began posing for nude photos in 1991, when she was just seventeen then appeared in her first erotic film in 1993, when she was nineteen. 

Speaking out 

Jameson worked in the porn industry for over fourteen years and decided to leave when she became pregnant with her twins. She documented many harrowing experiences about the porn industry in her autobiography including rampant exploitative practices that went on. 

Jameson writes in How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, “If you take the time to read it [a sample adult-film contract] carefully, you will notice many ways in which a female performer can get shafted – both literally and metaphorically.” 

Now Jameson is determined to expose Pornhub and other sites for their participation in allowing child sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and rape videos on their site. Her past experiences with being groomed for porn have evidently made this a personal mission for Jameson. She tweets, “Porn hub is a rat hole of child pornography, they need to be crushed and held accountable for pushing child trafficking and abuse of minors.”

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  • Many terrible tragedies have befallen this woman and I truly hope she can get justice for the crimes against her. She is I believe genuine and sincere about helping young people for which she should be acknowledged. However she also has to make remittance herself, in her own words ‘we all get kickbacks for getting girls into the industry’. She also made money off the flesh of others.

    July 11, 2020
    • She was never sincere or genuine about helping anyone. She was looking for a way to be relevant again. Her foundation ended faster than her YouTube channel and she took money for a GoFundMe that she put in her pocket.

      She already neglects her daughter, caused her to lose all her teeth by age 3, and gained more weight back after allegedly doing “keto.” She’s a fraud. She’s not even sober. I would be highly suspicious of anything she says.

      November 22, 2020
  • Her life undoubtedly has been painful and she has been terribly abused. Her work highlighting the victims should be applauded. However she is also deeply problematic, she has also been a pimp ‘we all get kickbacks from getting girls in the industry.’ She has very dubious links to white supremacy biker gangs in Nevada. In addition she has also lost custody of her twins in very suspicious circumstances. Her ex commented that ‘she should be in jail’ in regard to her treatment of them. Her recent comments should be seen in a very sympathetic light though, she is trying to establish a character (a woman who cares deeply about victims) because inevitably her husband will take custody of her daughter.

    July 12, 2020
  • Thankyou Jennifer for highlighting this. Imagine trying to profit from abused and trafficked victims? I really thought she was at least sincere in that regard and would help young girls similar to herself. How awful. I do not know how she seems to get away with it all it is a real mystery
    Surely losing custody of her twins would highlight that she has long standing issues and needs to be investigated by the authorities? She doesnt pay child support either. I am sat here wondering how normal folks have to pay it and she gets away with it. Truly baffling.

    November 26, 2020
  • I’m a little confused – how was she ‘groomed for porn’ when she did her first porno film in a deliberate effort to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend…? At some point she did make some willing choices, right?

    August 9, 2021
  • She completely sucks in every way totally overrated as a pornstar whatever business moves she made were made by somebody else no doubt. She is trash.

    January 8, 2022
  • Don’t shoot the messenger, I say. I’m not privy to Jenna’s private life. As a member of the public, she has informed me as to the dealings of an organization like Porn Hub. Pornography should be regulated like it was before the 60’s. Far too many young people look at it and derive terrible conclusions about women and sex before they’re fully mature. You want to help women? Ban this insidious trash. Now.

    February 26, 2022

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