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The nude truth: Why exactly does Jane Fonda have issues with J. Lo?

Filming with Jane Fonda must be imposing even if you are a tough figure like J.Lo. These two names became trending topics again since Fonda confessed to having been hurt by J.Lo during the production of the film and never getting an apology from her. Monster in Law is the 2005 film directed by Robert Luketic where these two women worked together. 

In the words of Fonda “Jennifer Lopez never apologized for cutting my eye on a movie set”. But what does J.Lo have to say? Was it a misunderstanding or is there a real rivalry between these amazing Hollywood icons? The truth is that tension between feminine figures is something quite normal culturally speaking, but why? We’ll analyze all the details. 

Far from creating a Fonda vs J.Lo dynamic in this particular situation we should think on how this affects us as a society. Selena Gomez & hazily Bieber’s battle is still a trend since people love the morbidity behind a female fight! This doesn’t mean all women should be friends, but at least aware of how fighting over men weakens us. 

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 The nude truth 

Jane Fonda’s prolific and long career has given her a place in Hollywood that none of very few people can aspire to due to her history. On the other hand, J.Lo is another powerful and multi talented woman that has also won an undeniable place in popular culture. This means they are two dominant women that would do anything to keep their places safe!

However, the truth is that women are educated to perceive other feminine figures as competitors! In the movie Viola (Jane Fonda) & Charlie (Jennifer Lopez) fight over the groom, but were there other motives to fight out of fiction aside from culture? It’s funny how this particular movie goes around the rivalry between women and ends up happening in real life. 

Yet, this competition goes way further than this particular wedding situation and it’s quite impressive how true this is that it left the movie behind. If you were doubting how reality goes way further than fiction this is the proof you needed. Anyway, how was it that J.Lo ended up hurting iconic Jane Fonda on set? Here’s all you need to know. 

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The slap 

In the movie, Viola wears white to take Charlie’s protagonist off during her wedding day, then a slap competition begins. Nevertheless, in the film, Charlie  quickly apologized to Viola,  her future mother-in-law. To this, viola’s response was “You don’t go and slap somebody and then apologize, get some backbone.” Maybe this is why Lopez didn’t apologize in real life! 

Anyway, J.Lo has spoken up about what a hard process she went through while filming this scene. Honestly, who wouldn’t be afraid of hitting such an icon like Jane Fonda?  Yet, they say whatever you escape from you end up chasing, and as Lopez was totally frightened to hurt Fonda in any way it became true. 

According to Lopez, she talked to Fonda on set and she told her “‘Just hit me. Don’t worry about it, it’s going to be fine” now we’re all confused. In cases like this one is frankly impossible to get to know “who is right”, there might not even be a right side to lean on. Let’s face it, humans are conflictive by nature and we still have a lot of work to do. 

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