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Lil Wayne is now setting his sights on the rapidly growing sport of pickleball.

Is Lil Wayne still rich enough to retire early? Inside his net worth

Have you ever wondered what happens when the worlds of hip hop and sports collide? Look no further than the latest trend sweeping the nation: pickleball. And who better to join the craze than the legendary Lil Wayne? 

That’s right, the Grammy Award-winning artist is diving into the world of sports, not with a basketball or a football, but with a pickleball paddle. Is it enough to raise his net worth into early retirement? Let’s dive into his net worth and see if its true.

Lil Wayne: From Music to Pickleball

Lil Wayne, a name synonymous with groundbreaking music and cultural influence, is now setting his sights on the rapidly growing sport of pickleball. He’s joining the Texas Ranchers as both an investor and a strategic advisor. 

This move isn’t just about bringing his star power to the sport; it’s about shaping the future of pickleball. “I’ve enjoyed watching and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join this team of owners,” Lil Wayne shared about his new venture.

But what exactly will Lil Wayne be doing with the Texas Ranchers? His role goes beyond just a title. He’s set to amplify the sport’s appeal both nationally and locally, and he’ll even have a hand in creative strategies, including apparel design. It’s a move that Evan Floersch, CEO of the Texas Ranchers, is thrilled about.

 “Having Wayne’s guidance… emphasizes our stance on redefining sports ownership and being a positive force for good,” Floersch stated.

Celebrity Influence in Sports

Lil Wayne isn’t the only big name eyeing pickleball. The sport has attracted the likes of Naomi Osaka, LeBron James, Draymond Green, and Maverick Carter, James’ business partner. These stars are not just playing the game; they’re investing in it, bringing their unique perspectives and fanbases to the table. “To see the sport growing in communities all over is really exciting,” Carter expressed in a CNBC interview.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of celebrity involvement, Lil Wayne’s engagement with the Texas Ranchers is about more than just sports. He’s set to contribute to the development of pickleball courts in underserved areas, bringing the game to new communities and audiences. This initiative aligns perfectly with the sport’s inclusive and community-focused ethos.

Lil Wayne’s journey to this point has been nothing short of remarkable. With a net worth of $170 million, he’s not just a successful artist but a savvy businessman. From his early days signing with Cash Money Records at nine to his solo success with albums like “The Block Is Hot” and “Tha Carter IV,” Lil Wayne has consistently pushed boundaries and set records. His influence in the music industry is undeniable, with over 200 million records sold worldwide.

Lil Wayne’s Lavish Lifestyle

Lil Wayne’s success has translated into an opulent lifestyle, marked by multimillion-dollar real estate investments. From his $11.6 million waterfront home in Miami to his recent $15.4 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California, his properties are as impressive as his musical achievements.

 These homes are not just living spaces but embodiments of luxury, complete with unique features like a roof-deck skate park and an indoor shark tank lagoon.

As Lil Wayne steps into this new role with the Texas Ranchers, it’s clear that his influence will extend far beyond the music charts. His involvement in pickleball is a testament to the sport’s growing appeal and its potential to bridge diverse worlds. With his creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit, Lil Wayne is poised to make a significant impact in the sports world. 

And who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of a new trend of artists turning sports investors. Could we see more music icons following in Lil Wayne’s footsteps?

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