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Is Gurgaon a Good City To Search For Jobs In India?| Unojobs

Most people looking to find the best jobs in India today often put Dehli, Bangalore, and Pune as their top locations. That’s so because these cities are very big with a booming economy. They also have some of the top industries in India and their residents’ quality of life is high.

  • But can we also say the same thing for Gurgaon?
  • If yes, what factors make Gurgaon a perfect place to find the best jobs in India?
  • What are the best ways to get hired quickly in Gurgaon?

You’ll find out everything you should know about Gurgaon as you continue reading this post.

Is Gurgaon a good city to work in India?

The simple answer is yes, Gurgaon is currently one of the best places to find the best jobs in India. That’s so because of the city’s recent transformation from an agricultural wasteland place to a very high-rise metropolis and IT hub.

Today, Gurgaon is officially known as Gurugram. This city has a skyline, which is roofed with different multinational companies-owned skyscrapers. Some top multinational companies that occupy the cyber hub in this city are Google, Intel, and Nokia. That’s not all; Gurgaon is also one of the best cities in India with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. With all of these things and many more, there’s no denying that you can rely on Gurgaon to find some of the best jobs in India.

Factors that make Gurgaon a good city to find jobs 

With all that has been mentioned so far, there’s no denying that Gurgaon is a very reliable city to find jobs in India. However, if you still don’t want to agree with us, the following statistics should help you change your mind:


  • First, Gurgaon or Gurugram is known to have roughly Rs 4.06 lakh pearly per capita income for its residents. According to the latest ranking, this city currently occupies the third position (behind Mumbai & Chandigarh) in India in terms of per capita income. 


  • Furthermore, Gurgaon has a GDP of 13%. This is another factor that makes this city a perfect place to find some of the best jobs in India. With a 13% GDP, Gurgaon is currently one of the top 10 growing cities in India.


  • According to a recent study, over 50% of professionals earn between 3 to 10 lakhs in Gurgaon. This figure means top professionals in this city earn a good amount of income monthly and yearly. This also means that you’ll certainly find some of the best jobs in India in this city.

Here’s how to find the best jobs in Gurgaon

Now, you already have many reasons to want to find the best jobs in Gurgaon. But here’s a quick question; what is the best way to quickly get hired in this city?

  • Use a reliable job portal

First, you need to figure out the best place to find jobs in Gurgaon. Although traditional newspaper ads still work today, we’ll advise you to consider something more digital, such as a job portal.


Unojobs is a cloud-based job portal you can rely on today to find some of the best jobs in Gurgaon. With this platform, you can quickly connect with the highest-paying employers in this city. One good thing about Unojobs is that it offers a tool that’ll enable you to quickly add your resume and cover letter to attract top recruiters.

  • Connection

Networking & connection is another effective way to find the best jobs in Gurgaon. You can always create a strong connection with top professionals on LinkedIn.

  • Reference

You can also find the best jobs in India (Gurgaon to be precise) through references, which can be contacts of your friends and family.

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