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Is IDShield worth the investment of your money? Take a look at many of the benefits and other features that come with using IDShield.

IDShield Review: Is It Worth the Money

There are only a few events that could inspire more fear and dread than having your identity stolen. This is why identity monitoring services have grown in popularity in recent times. They can keep track of possible threats to your most personal data so you can act fast to mitigate the damage. 

But before you take out your credit card, it’s important to understand how exactly they can help you. After all, their monthly fees could add up to a sizeable amount over time. So, you need to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

ID Shield is one such popular identity monitoring solution that’s offering a range of services to help keep you safe. But is it really worth the money? Let’s dig deep to find out.

What is IDShield?

IDShield is a well-known identity monitoring and restoration service based out of Oklahoma. And it’s part of the 50-year-old legal services firm LegalShield.

Similar to others in the industry, IDShield offers its services with monthly subscription plans. These cover an impressive list of benefits to provide around-the-clock monitoring of data breaches to help you protect your privacy. And in the event of a data compromise, it’ll help you recover and get back on your feet.

ID Shield reviews 2021: Is it worth the investment? 

IDShield provides many of the standard services offered by others in its category. These range from credit score tracking and identity monitoring to a $1 million protection coverage. But IDShield stands out in several areas when you compare it with others on the market.

Straightforward pricing plans.

Unlike many of its competitors, IDShield has kept things simple. It’s got just 4 subscription plans with straightforward distinctions, mainly based on the number of people and credit bureaus covered. 

Apart from that, they won’t ask you to painstakingly choose between the 15 odd services they have on offer, from dark web surveillance to sex offender alerts. For most customers, that’s as painless as it can get.

Reasonable pricing.

IDShield plans start at $13.95 per month. That’s pretty low compared to most of their competitors. And their family plans start at just $26.95. That’s reasonable enough considering that they cover you and your spouse, together with up to 10 dependent children.

Simple interface.

Its dashboard is one of the most straightforward interfaces you can find. The notification and alert features are simple and easy to navigate, even for the most uninitiated. And their color charts and snapshot views are impressive additions to the effortless and hassle-free user experience.

IDShield app.

When you sign up for an IDShield plan, you also get access to their mobile app that’s available for iPhones and Android devices. This makes it super easy to check updates on the go, without always having to log in to your computer. And the app is seamless and straightforward to use, just like the web interface.

30-day trial

IDShield also offers a free trial for 30 days. This is a great opportunity to try it out before you start paying. You can determine its ease of use and whether and how IDShield delivers on its promise. And after 30 days, you can choose to discontinue or opt for a subscription plan.

Social media monitoring.

Social media can leave room not just for data breaches, but also for reputation damage. But very few identity theft monitoring services offer social media scanning. So if you’re particularly active on social platforms, IDShield could offer you some peace of mind. They monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for a range of risks including foul language and defamatory images and comments.

Licensed private investigators.

In case you run into an issue where your identity is compromised, IDShield provides access to licensed private investigators. And this emergency assistance is available 24/7. It’s another area that many of its competitors lag behind.

Unlimited consultations.

IDShield has a team of identity theft specialists for unlimited consultations to clarify and advise their customers on whatever concerns they may have. So, you can contact them any number of times and speak to them for however long it takes. And according to the company, none of the other identity theft monitoring services offer this service.

A few things to keep in mind

Now, before you rush in to sign up for an IDShield plan, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Tedious signup process.

The signup process requires your personal details, identity verifications, and the activation of certain features. This could take more than a couple of minutes. But they are likely in place to ensure your data safety and legal compliance. And after the initial signup process, everything else is pretty much a breeze.

It may not be available in your state.

According to the IDShield website, the services and prices listed under the subscription plans are not available in all US states and Canadian provinces. However, it doesn’t provide further details on which states and provinces it covers or excludes. So, it’s best to reach out to the customer service team before you sign up for a plan. You can use the live chat option or call the customer hotline.

Excessive alerts.

IDShield has a series of alerts in place to keep you updated. While it’s always great to be on the know, it could also be tiring and annoying on those busy days. And after some time, you could end up ignoring them or directing them to the spam box. But this wouldn’t really serve the purpose either, especially if you want to be kept informed of a data breach. 

Final verdict

Overall, the services offered by IDShield make it worth every penny. And it’s geared to provide you nothing short of ease and convenience, from straightforward pricing plans to easy-to-navigate dashboards. Having said that, not everyone may need its comprehensive features. So, it’s important to assess your specific requirements against what they offer before making a decision.

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