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How to Start a Movie Streaming Service?

Today, major video-on-demand services such as Netflix, 1movieshd, Disney+, and Hulu have caught the attention of millions of viewers without the need for advertising eavesdropping. Moreover, individuals no longer need to make an effort to occupy their nights with a particular television programme, movie, or other activity that requires planning for your audience!


This has not occurred overnight! As a result of the internet’s discovery of contemporary television, customers experience no difficulty when navigating channels to watch something fresh and entertaining. Many movie streaming sites, such as 1movieshd, attract the attention of consumers, which remains undivided due to elements enticed by the likes and dislikes of viewers throughout the world, as well as other secret metrics! You will have the secret to success if you are informed of what must be done to become the number one streaming entrepreneur if you are given this information.

Find Your Niche

You do not need to construct everything rapidly, as haste leads to waste. First, you must choose the type of streaming specificity you require. Video streaming service on demand is a broad idea, and you should be aware of the specialty you will pursue in this industry. What types of movies or television programmes will be available on your website or mobile app, or if you plan to create a streaming service for children that will feature cartoons and emerging television series?

It is crucial that you make a decision. You can, of course, establish your own movie streaming service that caters to all possible viewers, but a personal aspect of your business could serve as your hook.

Focus On Your Target Audience

The market for streaming services is becoming increasingly competitive, with new entrants joining every month. Sadly, many of them have failed by the time you hear their name.

Consider Quibi, for example. Quibi, a once-promising short-form streaming network, was unable to withstand the intense competition during the onset of the streaming wars during the pandemic. Now the company is shutting down after half a year of rocky operation.

To remain competitive, you should not attempt to encompass the entire world, but rather target a small audience of users. It would be to your advantage to identify your target audience precisely from the outset and devote all of your efforts to winning their hearts. Examine the market, conduct user research, identify the pain areas of your clients, and fill the voids.

Find Your Content

Content is king. Particularly when it comes to video streaming platforms. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to identify content that coincides with the interests of your customers. This can be accomplished with two sorts of material: licenced content and self-created content.

With a valid licence, you can rent movies and television series from other permitted distributors. This indicates that you are utilising licenced content. In 2018, Netflix, for instance, spent over $13 billion on content licencing and creation. Nonetheless, this investment was highly profitable, as Netflix made over $16 billion in 2018.

You can also create content for streaming. Exclusive original content increases streaming service subscription growth. Netflix dominated with 447 original shows available for streaming. Aside from that, If you are a game lover, you must try Unblocked Games WTF. It’s a gaming website that offers various unblocked games to play online without network restrictions. The website features multiple games from many genres: action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, and sports.

Get licensing for content

Obviously, you must adhere to all rules and regulations, and we should all follow the law. So, you must get licences for all forms of content you intend to stream. How can you accomplish this?

There are only two ways to acquire a licence for public performance:

  • You can rent the film straight from a distributor authorised to issue such licences.
  • You may also contact the owner of the copyright directly.

All solutions are viable; it all relies on your circumstances and the unique characteristics of each option. Motion Picture Licensing Corporation and SWANK Motion Pictures are the two largest authorised distributors in the United States if you want to rent a movie or television series.

If you choose the second option, you must negotiate with a studio that owns the rights to a certain piece of content.

Choose a Video Hosting Solution

Choosing a video hosting service is a key step that can affect the overall operation and visual design of your application. You can choose to host your material on your own server(s), but doing so needs a high level of specialised knowledge.

Partnering with a company that specialises in streaming hosting technology is a second alternative, and possibly the best one for smaller brands that lack competence in this area.

An Online Video Platform (OVP) enables you to share your content with your audience via a white-label website, mobile application, or desktop application. Hosting your content on an OVP may appear to be the simpler (and less expensive) alternative; but, OVPs have a limited set of settings that might not fit everyone.

Choose the best monetization model

You cannot decide how to launch a Netflix-like streaming service and convert it into a profitable business without understanding potential monetization options.

Here are a few monetization strategies you can employ:

Subscription: This approach requires payment of a monthly or annual price for a service subscription.

Pay-per-view: With this monetization technique, users pay for each view, e.g., of a movie, a television programme, etc.

Advertising: insertion of advertisements by other companies will help you create cash and cover expenses. As part of this plan, you can pay extra to incorporate an ad-blocking option.

Freemium:  Some content is offered for free to all users. Some content may need a fee per view or a subscription purchase to your service.

Marketing and Promotion

Understanding how to launch a streaming service is insufficient. Without a complete marketing approach, your application will remain unknown. Hence, marketing and promotion should be integrated into your whole plan.

A compensative marketing campaign consists of the subsequent actions and phases:

Paid ads – Paid advertisements will aid in promoting your streaming programme and acquiring initial consumers.

SMM –  the optimal method for connecting with prospective consumers and fostering relationships with existing customers

Influencer marketing – collaborating with bloggers and influencers – will help you to reach millions of people.

SEO – search engine optimisation techniques will assist you in promoting your landing pages so that they rank first in search engine results.

Events – You can market your application at live events such as conferences and meetings.

Partnerships –You can collaborate with other startups and businesses to advertise your video streaming service at their events, among their partners, etc.

Build an OTT App with a Focus on UX

The third and most crucial stage is to begin developing an OTT application for each of the selected platforms/devices. This design and development phase will determine your chances of releasing a successful app and developing a loyal following.

The onus is on content providers to provide an amazing user experience (UX) from day one, as competition among streaming applications continues to rise. In fact, according to a recent poll conducted in the United States, over fifty percent of consumers place a significant focus on usability, notably the ability to swiftly access desired content. Given that customers are exposed to more content than ever before, they will not tolerate cumbersome interfaces with outdated scrolling libraries and inadequate search features. They will proceed to the next platform.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Streaming Service?

After deciding how to launch a streaming service, it will be simpler to estimate app development expenses. Creating a streaming service requires a significant investment of time and money. The greater the number of added features, the greater the price. In addition to creating applications for end-users and administrators, the development process may also involve the production of many apps. Consequently, the price will increase even further.

About $30,000 is believed to be the average price for a video streaming app (for a single iOS or Android app). Typically, it takes about 5-7 months to construct a single application.

Please be advised that the aforementioned pricing only covers the creation of a single application with minimum functionality. Depending on the amount of features that must be implemented, development time and expense can increase substantially. The cost of app development does not include content creation and licencing fees.


The video streaming market is expanding rapidly, making it a lucrative place to launch a business. The need for new entertainment offerings has surged during quarantine. If you have been contemplating how to launch a streaming service, start immediately.

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