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How to Experience the Ultimate Relaxation When Visiting Haiti

Haiti is one of the most beautiful countries in the Western hemisphere, one coated in rich history and natural wonders. If you’re thinking about a trip here, then what better place to stay than Residence Royale Hotel? The hotel is located on Okap, near the town center and many of the city’s tourist attractions. Aside from its excellent location, Residence Royale Hotel offers a lesson in luxurious relaxation that few other hotels can match.

Top-Notch Amenities and Luxurious Comfort

What differentiates Residence Royale Hotel from other hotels in Haiti is that we take luxury to another level. With finesse, professionalism and a constant smile, our staff will transform your stay here into an unforgettable experience. From the comfort of an airport shuttle to room service, concierge service and daily housekeeping, you’ll want for nothing during your stay at our hotel.

We’ve carefully crafted our service to appeal to any client, single or with a family, and from the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and a friendly attitude. Our rooms are designed with minimalism and comfort in mind, so you’ll always find a moment of relaxation here after a long day of traveling. We have the following rooms on offer:

  • Suite for 2 adults and 1 child with a view of the mountain or the city. There is 1 king-type bed and one additional bed for a child on demand


  • Deluxe Queen for 2 adults with a view of the mountain or the city, and 1-queen type bed


  • Deluxe Double for 4 adults with a view of the city or mountain, and 2 queen-type beds

Room service is available at all times, and the front desk is open 24/7 for any needs you may have. All rooms have private bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and we offer private check-in and private check-out. There’s a shared lounge and TV area where you and your family can enjoy your breakfast at, before leaving off for an adventure in our beautiful city.

Recharge Your Batteries on Our Sun Terrace

The hotel has a wonderful sun terrace where you can come and enjoy the views, on a plushy chaise-longue. Our swimming pool comes free of charge and is open all year-long, so it can’t be a bad idea to freshen up a bit after a long trip through Haiti. Residence Royale Hotel is your oasis of relaxation, a place of indulgence, enjoyment, and most importantly, a place where you can unwind.

Whether you’re coming for business or pleasure, our hotel offers the ultimate degree of comfort and relaxation, with nothing you’ll find wanting. Whether it’s air conditioning, daily housekeeping, laundry, a diverse and delicious cuisine of free parking, Residence Royale Hotel in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, has it all.

Safety & Comfort at Affordable Rates

We know that Haiti often has a bad reputation, but Residence Royale Hotel is away from all the chaos of the city. We’re tightly tucked in a corner of the country, safe and sound, but with constant access to the country’s most important landmarks. Aside from safety and comfort, another good reason for choosing Residence Royale Hotel is the affordability of our services.

You’re thinking about visiting Haiti this year, but you don’t have a car to explore our country with? Don’t worry! Our Rent-a-Car service is at your disposal. With over 500 vehicles to pick and choose from, you’ll have everything you could wish for. Sports cars, family cars, affordable cars, you name it, our New Look Rent-a-Car services has it. Residence Royale Hotel is glad to be of service any way we can.

Below, we’ll be listing a couple of reasons why our Rent-a-Car service is the best one in the whole country. Moreover, we’ll also talk about the benefits of using this service in tandem with booking a room at our magnificent hotel.

More Opportunities to Travel Safely

Our private car service is not only convenient but offers you the unique opportunity of visiting the country at your own pace. You’ll get to travel to all the tourist attractions in the city in comfort and quicker than with public transportation. This means you’ll have enough time to visit the entire country or the most popular landmarks, at least. You can also drop off your rental at either of the two locations, one in Cap-Haitien, and one in the Port-au-Prince airport. That’s when you’re done with it, of course.

We’re fully committed to our clients’ satisfaction and comfort, and our Rent-a-Car services is an integral part of that. Imagine having to take public transport when you’re with your family on vacation. Atrocious, we know. Fortunately, you won’t have to do that. You can book one of our cars online and we’ll keep it for you when you get here.

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