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How Long Does a Wasp Sting Last?

Wasps are known for their aggressive character by stinging or biting humans. However, they differ from bees because of their pointed lower abdomen and narrow waist, separating the abdomen from their thorax. Wasps are commonly present during summer, and there are more than 30,000 species all over the world, but only a few types of wasps in Idaho live where the humans live. Today, we will talk about wasp stings and how long they last.

Why does a wasp sting?

Wasps sting humans because they feel threatened. Their defense mechanism is to inject venom into humans to tell them to avoid them. Additionally, wasp sting other pests or animals to catch them and eat them. Once stung by a wasp, you will likely get a raised welt or swollen bruise around the infected area. You may also see a white mark in the middle of the bruise where the stinger is. Another indication that you may have been stung by a wasp is that you will feel symptoms like a sharp burning pain, itching, extreme redness, hives, headache, stomach ache, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the face, eyes, lips, and tongue. A wasp sting hurts, and it is extremely painful and uncomfortable. It can be painful as a bee sting, but other people react more severely to a wasp sting than a bee’s.

How long will the wasp sting last?

The burning and painful feeling will last about 1-2 hours, and the bruise and swelling may last for 48 hours up to a week. If it lasts longer than it should be, call for medical help immediately.

How to treat a wasp sting?

If you don’t have any severe allergic reaction, you can treat the wasp sting on your own. First, try to remove the wasp stinger if it is still present. You can use the back of the knife or a blunt thin object across the stinger. You can also use a tweezer or your fingers to remove the stinger. However, be careful not to pinch the large venom sac as it will inject more venom into you if it has been punctured. Second, clean the infected area with soap and water. Third, apply a cold compress on the infected area for about 10 minutes and then let it rest for 10 minutes as well. Repeat this step for as long as needed. Fourth, loosen tight clothing, and remove rings and other tight jewelry. Lastly, drink allergy meds like antihistamines to ease the allergy reaction.

How to avoid getting stung by wasps?

The best way to not get stung by wasps is to get rid of them. Call for pest control Boise to remove all the wasps in your area. Pest control will know how to deal with them properly. If you try to remove them on your own, you will likely get stung by them. That’s why it is best to stay away from them as possible and just rely on pest control companies to get rid of them.

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