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Is your new classroom your bedroom You may have had to jump over some obstacles that you weren’t expecting. Enjoy these relatable home school memes.

Is your home school, too? These memes describe life for us now

Is your new classroom your bedroom? Is the school gymnasium now your home elliptical? Is the lunchroom now your kitchen? Adjusting to school online has been interesting, to say the least. The COVID-19 quarantine has changed the lives of everyone – perhaps those trying to learn and teach from home more than anyone. 

You may have had to jump over some obstacles that you weren’t expecting. In other words – it ain’t easy! But hey, at least it’s easier to get distracted and check out some dank memes. Enjoy. 

Baby Yoda feels it too

Can’t Baby Yoda just express everything we feel? Especially our mixed emotions about learning online. Woohoo, I don’t have to go to school! Crap, I still have school. 

Excited to assume the duties of a teacher? 

When students are confused, the role of teacher will fall right into their parents’ laps. Though it’s probably more likely that most people would rather receive a new car from Oprah. 

PJs for days

Lookin’ sharp in your new daily getup? Say “cheese”! The new quarantine look will make for a great yearbook photo. 

Are you smarter than a fourth grader? 

Did you forget how to do the basics? Yeah, you’re not alone. Time for your parents to study up. 

Give back the school supplies! 

Remember that long list of supplies you were supposed to bring to school on the first day? Yeah, they’d be pretty useful right now. 

Parenting + schooling? This isn’t looking good . . . 

Parenting is stressful enough – now you have to watch them 24/7 and give them their school experience? Y’all kids better be grateful. 

Looks like the old excuses aren’t going to work anymore

What kind of excuses do you have now it takes you about thirty seconds to get to school? Perhaps in place of “car troubles” we can say “internet troubles”? 

Throw away your pencil and grab that broom! 

What a creative new class – hope you like cleaning. 

Watch it bring you to your knees

Homeschool teachers are experienced veterans. Quarantine has helped us recognize your great wisdom.

Rise and shine, sunshine! 

No one is looking forward to adjusting his or her sleep schedule once things go back to normal. Staying up late reading memes is just too much fun.

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