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It's unusual to find pornographic material of a modern romance, but what about a bad boy having sex with a GILF?

A modern romance: Is ‘Bad boy meets GILF’ one of the best viral videos ever?

In life there are two options to face trauma, going to therapy or watching porn. When it comes to desire, there are no rules, and usually, whatever hurts us in our very first years ends up being what turns us up when we get older. The porn industry has inserted tons of predesigned sexual fantasies in our brains and there’s no limit as well as any political correctness. 

Stepdaughter and stepmother, the secretary having sex with the boss, or why not, a  modern romance bad boy meets GILF Grandma. As we told you, the porn archetypes are limitless, we could make a tarot out of them, although anything can be pornographic material. We’re all somebody else’s fantasy, anything can be arousing to somebody depending on their tastes & personal history. 

We’re talking about one of the most controversial visual materials, and this definitely transcends sex and its general social repression. The complex thing with porn goes further to the fact that it is sexual, but that it represents forbidden situations, like the archetypes we just mentioned. It’s unusual to find pornographic material of normative happily married couples,  but what about having sex with a GILF?

Bad boy meets GILF

You might have heard about the term MILF, which refers to a highly attractive woman that due to her age could be your mother. Yet, although the age gap has never been an inconvenience for sex & relationships, it does cause controversy no matter how many years go by. For this reason, MILF pornography still represents a forbidden fantasy, usually embodied by attractive women with enormous breasts. 

If having sex with someone that could be your mother, how does doing this with someone that is your grandma’s age sound to you? GILF’s MILF’s second level, the term usually stands for an attractive Grandmother you’d like to have sex with. As you can tell, the term is less often used regarding a grandfather. Aside from the porn genre, it can be used as a compliment or as a cruel joke about older women.

A modern romance: Bad boy meets GILF is one of the most watched pornographic fantasies, but why? Is it the so-called Oedipus complex? A Bad Boy surrendering to an elderly, hot, and wise woman. Who knows what Freud would say about this, after all, pornography should be a safe space to sublime our fantasies, yet, it is also one of the most violent industries. 

Is watching porn bad? 

As we mentioned before, the porn industry is something very complex due to several aspects. On one hand, we have the violent exploitation behind several dynamics regarding porn actresses as well as the unfair payments they sometimes get. Although it is their bodies they’re working with. On the other hand, we have the twisted discourses porn movies can reply. 

Further than canceling the use of pornography we suggest a conscious use of it, not only in a personal way but also in an economic one. Make sure the porn you consume pays well to their actors, no matter if they’re MILFs, GILFs, or Bad Boys. And also have in mind that A modern romance: Bad boy meets GILF just like any other porn title, is only that, fiction. 

Although psychoanalysis would definitely have a say on the desire of having sex with a sexy grandma, the important thing is that it’s not your actual grandma, thank god. In fact, having our fantasies fulfilled, no matter how strange they are, can notably reduce our desire to actually do them in real life. If our fantasies weren’t that visualized, maybe pornography won’t be such a dark place. 

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