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Do you have trouble sleeping? Check out the gel mattress and find out why it's perfectly suited for a good night's sleep.

Gel Mattress Delivers Cool Sleep Environment with Superior Comforting Support

A mattress is a necessity. Homeless people also sleep in makeshift mattresses made from pieces of cardboard and newspaper. Over centuries, civilizations have designed their mattress from natural materials. Sleep is a common factor, which connects you to the past civilization. It is a concept, where the body needs to relax and rest so as to rebuild and rejuvenate. 

A good mattress is a main factor that helps you obtain the rest needed. It offers proper support and comfort for muscles to relax. You fall and stay asleep for sufficient hours. In the morning, your body and mind are re-energized to face the day’s challenges.

What is a good mattress?

Good mattresses provide comfort, support, and durability without any negative effects on your body. In this era of environmental enlightenment, it is very good to look for one crafted with eco-friendly materials. Basic elements of good mattresses are proper support, good air flow to avoid heat retention, better comfort level to avert toss and turn, motion isolation and durable materials.

Find options that deliver perfect night sleep

Most popular options are foam mattresses because they offer proper body support, negate motion, and display good performance for years. If you wish to consider foam mattress then you will need to decide between memory foam and gel foam.

Gel foam versus memory foam

Manufacturers introduced gel foam mattress, so as to address consumer’s most persistent heat retention complaints regarding memory foam mattress. When you sleep your body releases heat, which gets accumulated in the mattress making the sleeper feel terrible at night. Gel foam mattress felt different in two ways –

  • Better response speed – Gel foam mattresses spring back to their original form more quickly than memory foam, so offers more support and easy motion.
  • Temperature control – Gel foam mattress provides great air circulation, which allows the sleeper to enjoy sleep without heat retention. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Gel foam mattress was introduced in 2011. Soon it got popular because it addressed the biggest drawback of memory foam that is heat retention. There are two kinds of gel foam mattress. 

  • Gel infused across the foam’s top layer.
  • Gel layer near the surface.

Why opt for a gel memory foam mattress?

Keeps mattress cool

Cool temperature is crucial for good night sleep. Your sleep can be disrupted and night can turn miserable, if the mattress is not cool. Gel foam mattress uses special open cell technology to keep your bed cool, all night. Open cell technology helps to circulate air properly and keep the mattress cool.

Personalized comfort

Gel foam reflects memory foam’s ability to cradle and bounce back instantly into shape. It resists permanent dips or bumps in the mattress, so you obtain a reliable cushioned surface.

Undisturbed surface

Gel foam mattress surface is designed for motion transfer resistance. It ensures that you sleep soundly without any disturbance from your partners toss and turn, at night. You get a luxurious feel because your pressure points are relaxed and you sleep fast. 

Balanced support

Gel memory is ideal for those looking for a firm but comfy sleep surface. It easily molds to body contours and gives customized support to areas that need the most, thus you don’t sink further in the mattress. 

Pressure relief

Mattress needs to offer support to body parts and even keep pressure points relaxed. Otherwise this can cause muscle pain, body ache and lack of sleep.

People already suffering from back pain or arthritis or fibromyalgia conditions can find this material appealing. As gel foam supports correct alignment, contours to body shape without pressurizing sensitive areas of the sleeper’s body offers suffering people experience optimal comfort. In addition, motion transfer resistance adds to this great comfort level. 


Today, environmental awareness has made people interested in using eco-friendly products. Gel foam mattress is eco-friendly as there is no toxic substance, which harms body and skin. You can opt for a soya-based polyol gel or green-tea induced foam mattress, at affordable prices. 

Suitable for everyone

Gel foam mattress is not toxic, so ideally suitable for all people. This means you can use them for your elderly parents, kids, and yourself without any concern. It doesn’t matter if you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. 

Even people suffering from medical conditions like back, neck, shoulder or joint pain are recommended to use this kind of mattress. Those suffering from dust mite allergies can find this material to be great, as it resists allergens. In hospitals, gel foam mattress has proven to be helpful to avoid bedsores in immobile patients lying in bed for months. 

Highly durable

When you buy a new mattress, it is a huge investment but the initial cost must not be the deciding factor. Gel-infused mattresses have high cost because the added durability makes them last longer. Thick gel beads induced in the foam allows the mattress to retain its original shape with little maintenance. 

Easy care

Gel foam mattresses need very low care. Average user will need to vacuum it occasionally and rotate the mattress a few times annually. Therefore, the commitment towards maintenance is very less in comparison.

What is the cost of gel foam mattresses?

Just like any other mattress, cost will depend majorly on brand and size. If you are tight on budget then there are a couple of choices. It includes buying gel foam mattress pad, which are thin and cover your existing bed. You can buy them in all sizes like full, twin, king, and queen. 


Gel foam mattress offers incredible sleep experience. You can benefit from –

  • Total body support
  • Uniform weight distribution
  • Optimal pressure relief
  • Good spinal alignment
  • Motion transfer resistance
  • Temperature control
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Accommodates all sleeping positions
  • Great durability

You can benefit from gel foam mattress, gel foam pillows, gel foam pads, and gel foam toppers. With all these benefits and options regarding gel foam mattresses, you can choose it and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

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