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You can still place bets and wagers online even when your name is on the GamStop self-exclusion register, come and discover how.

Learn How to Easily Place Bets Online When Registered with GamStop

With so many people regretting signing up to the GamStop self-exclusion register and having no viable way of being able to register with UK licensed betting sites, a large number of them have taken the decision to sign up to online sportsbooks that are located in other parts of the world.

Whilst that is fairly straightforward to do, as those bookies will always welcome you onboard as a new customer, even if you are on the GamStop register, you need to carefully select the sports betting sites you do sign up to.

I say that are there really are some excellent betting sites not registered with GamStop that are truly worthy of your sport betting action, but conversely there are some that you should always avoid betting at, and this guide will walk you through just what you should be demanding from those sites that you do fancy becoming a member of. 

Licensed Sport Betting Sites

One of the problems that you do face when choosing to gamble at a non GamStop listed betting site is that some of the ones that you will come across will not hold a gambling license of any type and those sites are ones that you really do need to avoid.

You will be putting your bankroll at risk when betting at any site that is not licensed, as there are no guarantees they will pay you out when you win. Over the years several online bookies have simply closed up shop so to speak and vanished into the night.

Therefore, right at the top of your list of wants and demands from a betting site is that they should be fully licensed.

As that way you do always have the backup of the licensing authority that issued that site with its license if you experience any problems and licensed bookies need to keep their customers funds in a segregated bank account so that their customers always have direct access to their fund, so always keep that in mind when choosing where to bet.

Decent Odds and Value Packed Promotions

One way that you will always be guaranteed of getting the absolute best betting value and more winning opportunities as well is by sticking to betting with bookies that offer their customers a steady stream of well-designed bonuses and promotional offers.

Plus, of course you will also need to ensure the bookies you bet with are the ones that can be relied on to always offer you the best value betting odds too, as not all bookies are famed for offering their customers above average odds, and those bookies are ones you should certainly avoid betting with.

User-Friendly Betting Platforms and Betting Apps

 It can be an absolute nightmare trying to navigate your way around some betting site betting platforms or trying to make sense of how some bookies have designed their betting apps, and no punter wants to waste time when trying to place a bet as they may miss out on some high valued odds.

Spend some time looking at the design of the online betting platforms along with the betting apps multiple different bookies have available and make sure that you select one that has a user-friendly app or online betting platform to ensure you have a completely hassle free betting experience. 

Multiple Different Betting Markets 

The best betting sites are going to be offering you literally thousands of different betting opportunities that are spread across hundreds of different betting markets, and as such that is something else you should be looking out for from any of them you do come across online.

At the end of the day though, do keep in mind that you will have you own personal favourite bets that you like to place, so it is important you select a site that does indeed offering you plenty of different bet types and also sites that allow you to place bets you can afford to place too.

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