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There are many places where you can land some free gaming time on the web. Here’s a list of the best free gaming websites to visit.

Gaming websites: All the best places to play games for free

Have you exhausted all of the demo gaming selection on Steam? Okay, probably not. But are you craving some free online PC games to try out robust gaming on your gaming laptop while away your social-distancing time? Then have we got a batch for you! 

There are many places where you can land some free gaming time on the web, but some sites are better than others. Not to mention that if you have flies flitting from your pockets, some are easier on the ol’ wallet as well. 

Here’s a list of the best free gaming websites to visit if you’re looking to work out those finger muscles. 

Gaming websites with wide selections has not only a very fitting name, but a pretty solid selection of PC games. This gaming website specializes in very simplistic games targeted at mindlessly playing away the hours. There are a fair amount of ads on this website, but hey, you’re bored anyway. What will a couple of ads do to you that the boredom isn’t doing already? 

Arkadium is another popular gaming website, with a plethora of classic games like mahjong, chess, solitaire, crosswords, sudoku, word scramble, and even hidden object games. It features some of the most popular team building games. Arkadium boasts a passion for inspiring creators. Its ad presentation model is one of the least obnoxious of many free sites, so we highly recommend it. 

Miniclip is one of the largest privately owned gaming websites in the world. It boasts a robust gaming library and is arguably the gaming website with the most social components. 

On Miniclip, you can create gamer profiles, browse leader boards, and earn awards & achievements through social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. There have been some issues with malware in the past, but their large archive of games is undeniable. 

Travel back in time with some nostalgic gaming websites

Retro Games is the place to go for your favorite old Sega, Nintendo, and Atari games. It has a nostalgic selection of games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, Centipede, and Prince of Persia. If you’re into the oldies, this is an online gaming destination you don’t want to miss. 

Addicting Games is one of the OGs of online gaming. It’s been around a long time and for good reason. This gaming website features one of the largest varieties of game list categories. It’s owned by Nickelodeon so things can get a bit childish, but Addicting Games is worth checking out – it even has a free app for iOS. 

Gaming websites where you can level up achievements 

Kongregate is well known for its selection of online games. It’s actually owned by the GameStop Corporation, which has well established itself as one of the master corporations of gaming. Kongregate divides games into clearly defined categories and even features a section for best games of the month. 

Some of the categories on Kongregate include: Card, MMO, Idle, Adventure & RPG, Strategy & Defense, Multiplayer, and so much more. You can register for a premium membership for $30 annually, but the games are free to play as long as you’re willing to sit through a couple ads. 

If you want to play classic and current games from your favorite video game platform, an emulator site is the way to go. Featuring games from a variety of consoles, Gamulator has just about every video game ever made, and you don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash or scour Ebay for the most obscure titles.

King is a really cool website because it allows you to get cash prizes for playing in tournaments. This gaming website also has app capability, which is always a plus. It features addictive games like Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga. If you’re in it for the kind of games that are pleasurably mind-numbing, King is the site for you. 

Websites featuring a niche gaming experience 

Most of the time when you’re dilly-dallying on the interwebs for free online games, you’re not looking for a healthy dose of philosophy. Nevertheless, is a fun place to be. It only features a small selection since it’s all created by a single person, but the quality of the games makes it well worth a deep dive. Nicky’s mission is to help people learn things about the world, other people, and themselves. 

We promise we’re not tricking you into a therapy session. Sure, there’s some learning going on, but it’s totally fun. Check out games like Adventures with Anxiety, The Evolution of Trust, and We Become What We Behold. There’s also this funny webcam tool called “i am become anime”: like Snapchat, but funnier. 

Girls Go Games is the place to go for all games girly. It was created as a haven for casual female gamers, but of course everyone is welcome. If cooking, makeover, and dressup games sound right up your alley, this is the gaming website for you. 

One of Girls Go Games’s more creative projects features Disney princesses facing off in a shopping battle. There can be a good amount of clickaway options that appear on gaming screens though, so user beware.  

Cartoon Network is a gaming site that is pretty self-explanatory if you’re old enough to remember the glory days of cable TV. Many of you young’uns are probably still familiar with this popular animation network. 

What you might not know is that they have a website where you can play Cartoon Network-themed games too. Check out this gaming website if you want to combine your love of TV with gaming. It’s one of the best sites to go to if you want to enjoy your games almost ad-free. 

That’s it for our list of gaming websites where you can play games for free. These cyberspace destinations should keep you occupied for quite a while. We wish you luck in killing your boredom!

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