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The gaming industry is getting bigger, sophisticated and commercialized than ever. In this article, we will explore the trends taking shape in 2021.

The Top Gaming Trends for 2021

The gaming industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few decades. From back in the days, gaming in a huge desktop machine to now gaming in wonderful VR and more. The gaming industry has become big and more commercialized than ever. 

Are you conversant with the new gaming trends taking the world by storm? Below are some of the top gaming trends taking shape in 2021.

Gaming Mods

In the past, gaming developers have complete control over the games they produce. Players were just consumers. But now, many gamers create their own mods (short for “modification”) to tweak the game and make it more interesting.

Multiplayer games like ARK: Survival Evolved have a lot of mods that players can enjoy. The only downside is that some players have to install their mods one after the other. Fortunately, you can go the easier route by using an ARK server launcher to install mods with just a few clicks. This tool simplifies the installation process tenfold, letting you have more game time as well.

Development of Social Gaming

Social gaming is still a relatively new concept to many gamers. It is an online platform where multiple players play at the same time. Gaming is based on an online platform that facilitates social interactions. These games mainly rely on your existing social platforms to allow you to utilize your existing relationships’ leverage. 

The players are usually aware of the presence of each other, their actions or achievements, in addition, players are able to interact with each other. Social gaming has become very popular online. Now, the increase is associated with social gaming’s popularity on mobile devices. According to studies, social gaming helps in keeping players mentally active. Social gaming is estimated to be on the rise given the continuous improvement in players’ social interaction, usability, and step by steps tutorials. 

The Rise of Esports

The cancellation of physical sports has led to mushrooming of e-sports. The esports platforms enable you to watch your favorite games for free. The industry’s main challenge is raising revenue from free online sporting events and gigs. This online gaming is an open platform for both established and aspiring professional gamers. Esports is credited for cognitive and social development such as; improved hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and strategy skills development among others. 

According to Tory MCBroom, producer of Mc Gamer, the rise of esports is the biggest trend coming out of 2020 and into 2021. He added that the rise of esports will even influence the type of games to be made in the industry. Esports has also led to esports betting due to enormous potential from this untapped betting market.

Development of gaming subscription

The model of gaming subscription is on the rise for the gaming industry.  Games subscription model is a great shift from the traditional model of selling game copies. In addition, the subscription model enables you to try new games at a relatively low cost per month as compared to the cost of a single game. The subscription model means you have a game library at a low cost.

This move has made a lot of gamers start playing more to utilize their funds better. The model will help gaming companies make consistent and predictable revenues. There has been a wide acceptance of the subscription model within the gaming community over the past few years. There is a significant percentage of gamers on subscription, a trend likely to be experienced more in 2021 and beyond.

The expansion of cloud gaming services

Cloud computing has presented a new way to play video games remotely. The games are usually hosted on the games provider server and the gamers are given access. Cloud gaming provides new opportunities for players and developers. It  solves the prevailing challenges such as updates, security among others. The growth of cloud gaming has been brought about by the rapid growth of top edge computing and the establishment of a 5G network. 

It has made it possible for you to play your favorite online games regardless of your device characteristics and specifications.  Cloud games are usually divided into three main parts; video streaming, file streaming, and command streaming. Experts in the industry predict cloud gaming’s global market growth rate of 29% per year. Some of the advantages of cloud gaming are instant game launch, player’s location independence, potential integration with other devices, etc.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

The adoption of bitcoin as a valid form of currency and virtual reality has seen the cryptocurrency casinos blossom. This type of casinos can now be found in any country where gambling is legalized. The advantages of using cryptocurrencies are security, privacy, anonymity, and very few regulations. The likes of online casino gambling sites and cryptocurrencies have allowed players around the world to play online in localities where gambling was outlawed or restricted. The online crypto Casino and sportsbook is predicted to increase by 15% by 2025

Breakthrough of Virtual reality

Over the last few years, virtual reality has been used in education and training for better experience. A significant investment has come from the gaming industry. The use of VR in gaming changes video games fundamentally by introducing more possibilities, virtually unmatched immersions, and opportunities. VR gaming involves a three-dimensional environment that enables you by use of a mouse or touchscreen and other components feel the physical presence in a game.

VR technology keeps advancing to provide a more and more gaming experience. The main challenge of VR technology is that the handsets are still a bit expensive for an average gamer but it is bound to get cheaper. We have even seen pro players training using VR over the past year.

Board Games and Card Games

Playing board games is not only entertaining but also helps people connect with their past. During this Covid-19 pandemic period, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of board games and card games. It is good for strengthening relationships plus it brings people together. It also creates joy and happiness. These games are known to reduce stress and blood pressure. You can also increase brain function and more.  

Remastered Games Explosion

Gaming companies are working to meet customer’s needs. They are investing to remake their favorite classics. These remakes are inspired by movies or books which emerged in the last decade. The aim is to improve their features like better graphics and a high-quality audio experience. Some games have already been released. More are expected in the year 2021 and in the future.

Wrapping up

The gaming industry is moving faster than ever! There has been a lot of development and changes over the last decade as highlighted above. From the above trends, it is easy to see why the industry is growing with the evolution of tech like crypto and blockchain. You can enjoy a better gaming experience from the comfort of any device from anywhere around the globe!

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