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A Frontier Airlines passenger was duct-taped to his seat after allegedly molesting & assaulting the flight crew. Review the video of the shocking event!

Frontier airline passenger duct-taped to seat: Review the reasons why

A man travelling on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami arrived at his destination bound to his seat with duct tape. The passenger is accused of inappropriately touching two flight attendants before punching another attendant.

While the man likely won’t leave a good review of the airline the flight attendants seem to have done everything they could to make sure no one was seriously harmed. This is the latest in a shameful trend of violence against flight crews.

The incident

Authorities alleged that Maxwell Berry, 22, consumed two alcoholic beverages on the flight. Upon finishing the second drink, the airline passenger brushed his cup against a flight attendant’s buttocks. She then told him not to touch her.

Berry then ordered another alcoholic beverage that he proceeded to spill on his shirt. The report states that he then went to the bathroom and returned to his seat without his shirt. A flight attendant told Berry to put on a new shirt and helped him get one out of his carry-on bag.

The police report continues to say that Berry walked around the cabin of the plane before groping another flight attendant’s breasts. She told him not to touch her and ordered him back to his seat. Berry refused and put his arms around the two flight attendants before grabbing their chests. A third flight attendant intervened and Berry allegedly punched him in the face.

Shocking video

A passenger posted a video captured during the incident. Berry can be heard screaming “You guys fucking suck” before claiming that his parents are very wealthy. Berry then strikes a flight attendant after being told to remain quiet & seated. It appears many Frontier passengers recorded videos of Berry being restrained.

The attendants seized Berry and duct-taped him to his seat for the remainder of the flight. He was arrested after the plane landed. Miami-Dade Police have charged Berry with three misdemeanor counts of battery.

Berry appears to have taken to Twitter to defend himself. He responded to the video, which has been viewed 11.1 million times, alleging that he was, “treated like livestock”. Another video shows Berry restrained in his seat while other passengers laugh at him.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Frontier Airlines announced that the crew members involved in the incident would be placed on paid leave while they review the incident. Frontier Airlines has asserted that it is working with law enforcement and they “fully support the prosecution of the passenger involved.”

Bad behavior in the sky

This incident is just the most recent in what has become an alarming trend for passengers & flight crews. Just last month another passenger was duct-taped to her seat after trying to open an exit door on an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte. The passenger reportedly bit a flight attendant.

A review of the Federal Aviation Administration’s data reveals that the number of “unruly passenger” incidents have been rising sharply in the past year. The FAA has nearly 600 cases under review at this time, more than double the number of cases in 2019 & 2020 combined. Recently, the FAA has proposed civil penalties against violent passengers of several airlines.

Many consider opposition to the federal mask mandate to be a cause of violent outbursts by passengers. The FAA has reported nearly 2,475 instances where passengers refused to comply with the mandate. Others consider alcohol to be a major factor in cases of violence during flights. Southwest Airlines suspended alcohol sales following an incident in which a passenger punched a flight attendant and knocked out two of their teeth.

What do you think of this violent incident? Do you have any reservations about flying in this unprecedented time? Sound off in the comments below!

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