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is Netflix free? Short answer, no. Don't lose hope just yet! We have a variety of methods to make Netflix free. Here's how.

Is Netflix free? Here’s how you can get free Netflix

As humans, we truly just love getting stuff for free. From breakfasts to streaming services getting something for nothing is always great. Right now, while we’re all hunkered down in quarantine, various streaming services are offering promotions and the like to us. One company reaping the benefits of people staying at home is Netflix. But is Netflix free right now?

Netflix usually offers free month long trials for the service. Once the month is over, however, they will start charging your credit card. But if you’re hoping to check out all that Netflix has to offer without paying a dime, then, well, you’re going to need to be a bit crafty here.

How? Well, it involves multiple email addresses, payment methods, and keeping a close track on when your bill will come due. 

Get the free trial

The process itself is easy enough. Netflix advertises the free trial membership on its homepage. You click the button, choose the plan that makes the most sense for you, fill in your credit card or Paypal information, and then you have your free membership.

Get more free trials

This is when the clock starts to tick.

When you near the end of your month trial, then you cancel your Netflix membership. If you want to continue the cycle, then you get a new email address and payment method in order to get a new free trial on Netflix.

You continue the cycle until you get tired of it and just get the Netflix account or you finish what you need to view on the streaming service.

Share someone else’s

Now if your parents have a Netflix account or you’re with an S.O., then maybe it’s time to see if you can get onto their plan. While they’ll be paying for the service, you won’t be. The downside is that they hold the key to the passwords so if things go south, then you’ll get kicked off of the account in the middle of your binge and that’s never fun. 

Still, you will have access to the Netflix library and it would pretty much be without payment for you. And that’s what we’re all looking for right now, right?

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