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Wedlock Twice

Former Princess of Luxembourg Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Having Baby Out of Wedlock Twice

Formerly known as Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, Tessy Antony de Nassau courageously shares her journey of battling depression, burn-out, and the immense pressures that accompanied her royal status. In a candid podcast interview, she opens up about her divorce, the public scrutiny she faced, and the toll it took on her mental well-being.

Despite the end of her marriage to Prince Louis years ago, Tessy Antony de Nassau continues to embrace her royal identity and present herself as a member of the Luxembourg royal family. Through her active presence on social media, she often shares memories of her past relationship with Prince Louis and maintains a connection to the royal sphere. Additionally, she remains deeply involved in various charity events, further emphasizing her association with the royal family.

While some question her continued use of the ‘de Nassau’ name and her ongoing connection to the Luxembourg royal family, Tessy’s choices have sparked debate. Critics argue that her actions perpetuate a sense of entitlement and privilege, despite her separation from the royal household. It is worth noting that Tessy’s decision to maintain her royal associations and share memories from her past marriage can be seen as an effort to preserve her public image and retain a level of attention.

However, amidst the controversies surrounding her public persona, it is crucial to recognize Tessy’s dedication to philanthropy and her genuine efforts to raise awareness for important causes. Regardless of differing opinions about her choices, she remains steadfast in her commitment to making a positive impact in the world and using her platform to effect change.

Tessy’s journey has not been without its challenges. Following her divorce announcement, she experienced a physical and emotional breakdown, rendering her unable to perform basic tasks. The divorce, combined with the weight of societal pressures and the scrutiny of the media, took a severe toll on her mental health. Rebuilding herself was a gradual process, and Tessy chose to prioritize her well-being by opting against relying solely on prescribed medication for her depression. She recognized that mental health requires a holistic approach and cannot be rectified overnight with pills alone. Additionally, the divorce resulted in the loss of the majority of her friends, intensifying the pain of the experience.

Now focused on humanitarian work, activism, and social entrepreneurship, Tessy Antony de Nassau is dedicated to exploring the potential of psychedelics in treating post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from abuse. However, she firmly emphasizes that her interest lies in their therapeutic use and does not support their recreational consumption. Furthermore, Tessy courageously shares her own experience of being sexually assaulted during her time in the army, shedding light on the plight of vulnerable women in conflict zones. Her military background has shaped her values and fuels her advocacy for those facing various forms of abuse in such challenging circumstances.

Tessy acknowledges that there is still much work to be done to support and protect women in conflict zones, and she remains resolute in her commitment to making a difference in their lives. As she continues her journey as a public figure and advocate, it will be intriguing to witness how she navigates the complexities surrounding her royal associations and evolves her role as a humanitarian. Through her resilience and determination, Tessy Antony de Nassau serves as an inspiration, reminding us all of the strength that can be found in overcoming adversity and embracing personal growth.

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