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A first date can be daunting. Here are some tips on how to make sure that you're safe during a first date.

8 Simple Ways to Stay Safe on a First Date

Most people are too giddy thinking about their first date to worry about the dangers that can occur in such interactions. Nobody wants to think about the fact that their date is statistically more likely to harm them than almost any other people they meet throughout the day. Using that sobering reality as a starting point, we will show you various ways to stay safe and alert on a first date.

Make sure you feel like your best self

Why do you want to feel like your best self, and how will that keep you safe? It’s all about confidence. People that are going to prey on others look for weakness in them. If you show up looking your best and feeling your best, it will put off any hopes that someone has of taking you unawares. You will appear to be too much to handle if they are looking for an easy target.

Do tell someone you trust about your date plans

You need to let someone in your life know where you are going. Whether that is a parent, sibling, or friend, someone has to know where you’re going and who you’re with, or you could end up alone without someone looking for you. Sadly, some populations are more in danger than others based on existing statistics. For example, individuals involved in dating are far more likely to experience some kind of negativity from their partner or passersby compared with hetero couples. Make sure someone close to you knows where you are at and check in with them from time to time, especially if you just met your date.

Do meet in a public place

Public places make for the best areas to meet because there will be plenty of people willing to step in and help if you need it. Moreover, the cowards that endanger their dates would prefer to get them alone so they can harm them. Do not change the venue of the date, either. If you are supposed to meet in one place, do not change it at the last second. Reschedule the date and scope out the area to make sure that it is safe.

Whatever you do, set boundaries early on

Another great thing that you can do early in a relationship is to set boundaries on the first date. You need to let your partner know what kind of person you are and how they can respect you as an individual. We can’t tell you not to sleep with someone on the first date. You might be into that. However, you should consider telling your partner if that is something that you are not going to do with them. Moreover, tell them that if it was to happen (if you must) that it will be in a hotel room and not at their place. Talk about how often you expect to chat, how long until you consider intimacy in a relationship and more. It might seem like a lot to dump on someone, but it will scare off people that are trying to do you harm in most cases.

Don’t leave your drink unattended

If you go out to a bar, finish your drink before you go to the bathroom. A lot of predators count on those opportunities to add something to your drink that will make you unable to think correctly. They will then tell bartenders and bouncers that you aren’t feeling well, and they will take you to a private place to harm you. Finish the drink, dump it out, or get a fresh one if you turn around for longer than half a minute.

Don’t meet at your house or workplace

When you are just getting to know someone, you can’t afford to trust them immediately. The best thing you can do is to meet someplace public as we said before. Make sure that you do not let them know where you live and do not try to go back to their place. Any place out of public eyesight can be a danger to people trying to date.

Do leave if you feel uncomfortable

Sometimes your gut feeling about someone is going to make you feel as though something is not right. While that can turn out to be nothing, you are probably picking up on subconscious cues that this person means you harm or scares you for another reason. When you feel anxious or scared for some reason, do not be afraid to leave. Also, do not be afraid to make a scene and ensure that this person does not try to follow you out of place. If you have a reason to believe that this person is trying to harm you, do not be afraid to call the police or a family member to come to escort you away. You do not want to bet your life on offending someone.

Many experts agree it might be best to start with a virtual date

When you have your first date, you might want to eschew the meetup for drinks and dessert in favor of an online date. Using an online dating service will allow you to have a virtual date that is meaningful and fun but comes without the dangers that exist when you are meeting up with someone in person. Not only will this keep away people that are only interested in trying to get you to sleep with them, but it also gives you a chance to get to know your partner a lot better before meeting them. Learning about someone online can save you the trouble of meeting up with someone that you don’t get along with that well. Use online dates to connect with people and test your compatibility before wasting a night or risking your health.

While you should always focus on being safe around others when you are on a date, you need to have a good time and get to know the other person. You never know, you might end up finding “the one” and marrying them in the future! Be safe, have fun, and follow the rules that we have established here to have a great dating experience.

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