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Giving traders multiple options in order to choose the trading account type – is really the game changer for forex brokerage platforms.Not every trader is the same, and not every trader will have the same requirements. Most importantly, every trader is coming with a different capital investment into the market. With every trading account open, there is an account maintenance charge that is required, hence a differentiated service provided to the traders based on their capital is crucial. FinCompose gives the traders the benefit to select the account based on their capital invested. As per the internet reviews, there is a wide range of account types available with differentiated services for the traders to choose from. In this article we’ll delve deeper into what are the different account types as mentioned here. Moreover, we will also look into some of the features of these accounts.

Why is differentiated service required in forex trading? 

The most crucial aspect that we need to understand in forex trading is the large capital investment. A higher capital investment would always require the trader to focus deeply on the capital infusion rather than growing their portfolio.

Rather, most of the services that are being provided for a beginner are not even relevant. So, demarcating the services based on the capital infusion or the stage of the trading journey they are in, is very crucial.

Secondly, the account maintenance charges, something that needs to be paid by the forex traders. Considering that a beginner is entering into the market with a lesser capital infused, a chunk of the capital will already be allocated towards the yearly account maintenance charges. Hence, differentiating the account features, and making them more streamlined for specific traders will reduce the burden of account maintenance charge on them. 

Different account types available at FinCompose

The brokerage platform has three distinct account types: Gold, Silver, and Platinum account types. Each of these account types have a specific feature that makes it different from the other. 

Silver account type is backed by a leverage of 200X. The account type is only made for the traders who are in the beginning phase of their trading journey. For traders who are just starting out, this is the right account type for you. In this account type, the traders can select the different types of advanced charts available for them to make the right position. As it is a basic account type, the advance we just like swap, discount or account managers are not available for this account. 

If you have been into trading for more than five years, the account type that you should be looking forward to is the Gold account type. The gold account type is a little advanced compared to the silver account type – with features like 25% swap discount and availability of advanced charts. Moreover, the traders can seek support from the account managers, which makes trading more simplified. 

For traders who have been trading professionally, Platinum account is the right choice for you. In addition to the features mentioned above, the traders enjoy a host of other advanced features that make their training journey even smoother.

So, with all these advancements in the trading platform, what else are you waiting for? Sign up with right now and experience the best. 

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