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Filmmakers need to prepare themselves not just for creating the perfect content, but for all of the many problems that can happen along the way. Here's how.

Here’s why all filmmakers need good personal injury lawyers

Can you think of one industry where the prospect of personal injury is not a risk at all? Well, the filmmaking industry is no exception.  There are so many details that go into creating a film, location, casting, and equipment are just the beginning. 

Filmmakers need to prepare themselves not just for creating the perfect content, but for all of the many problems that can happen along the way. The best way to ensure your focus stays on your project is to protect yourself before any problems arise.

That’s why we advise filmmakers research and hire great lawyers before they even arrive on set. There are so many things that can go wrong in a split second, and working with an experienced legal team, like Lamber Goodnow Denver’s personal injury lawyers, can mean the difference between a successful film and bankruptcy. 

Why a personal injury lawyer?

In short: accidents happen. Filmmakers need lawyers to advise them on their rights, protect those rights, and make sure those rights are accurately documented. Even a romantic drama can have a fluke accident, leaving the creator of the film liable for any injuries incurred on their set. 

Any personal injury lawyer will happily tell you that the earlier they are involved, the better they can handle a case. Hiring a personal injury lawyer prior to any injuries is an ideal situation for a film set with a variety of workers performing a variety of different jobs. 

Aren’t I protected by my production insurance?

How well do you understand the coverage provided in your production insurance? Working with a personal injury lawyer can save your project money from the start by helping you to choose cost-effective coverage that fits your project’s size and scope. A qualified lawyer can ensure that you aren’t paying for coverage you don’t need and that your insurance policy will handle any of the injuries that could arise.

Most insurance policies don’t cover negligence by an employer. Hiring a personal injury lawyer, and working with them throughout production can ensure you aren’t unknowingly putting your team at risk, leaving you liable. 

The risk of injury or liability only increases if your film has action scenes, child actors, or animals. Consulting with a legal team who serve as experts in advocating for their clients can prevent unforeseen catastrophes.

What should I look for in a personal injury lawyer?

A great personal injury lawyer is one who can handle any variety of accidents and issues, from dog bites to car crashes to defective products. When hiring a personal injury lawyer before any injuries, you want one who has seen it all. 

Additionally, you’re going to want to take a look at your lawyer’s success rate. Are they willing to share those numbers? Since you’re (hopefully) hiring your legal team prior to an accident, you should be seeking strong success rates in winning or settling cases. 

You can also research your personal injury lawyer with the same ease in which you find your next restaurant. Check out personal testimonials and google reviews to learn about client experiences with their legal teams. 

Filmmakers need lawyers who are willing to work with their overall vision for a film, while still protecting their rights and the safety of their production. Finding a lawyer who fits that specific mold can be challenging without hearing from others’ personal experiences.

Lastly, many of the very best legal teams offer free initial consultations. Take the time to meet with any potential legal advisors to confirm that they can work within your goals or offer thoughtful alternatives that protect your best interests.

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