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Faux plants are now just about indistinguishable from the real thing. Beautify your home with the help of the best faux plant retailers today.

Buying Faux Plants: A Closer Look At Artiplanto and IKEA

Interior designers all agree that potted plants are essential when completing the look of commercial and living spaces. Artificial plants are often the only choice because of several factors. These include a lack of the environmental factors required for healthy plant growth and the shortage of time and resources for caring for natural plants.

Until a few years ago, very few people turned to artificial plants because they were considered … well …. just too artificial-looking. Today, faux plants are more acceptable, and there is a proliferation in the marketplace. However, not all faux plants are created equal.

When consumers look for artificial plants, several popular sellers come to mind. These include IKEA, Amazon, World Market, and Artiplanto. The final decision on which of these offers the best plants will depend on price, variety, and quality.

What is the difference between buying artificial plants from ArtiPlanto and Ikea?

There are thousands of plant species in nature, and many of these make beautiful indoor plants. Since many people know they don’t have the time to care for these plants properly or that the environment of their interiors cannot match those of nature, they prefer to leave the plants in their natural environment, buying good artificial ones.

Two of the top places that come to mind when shopping for interior faux plants are IKEA and ArtiPlanto. Here are their differences:

Talking about quality

The quality of faux plants has been getting better over the years, but one of the reasons many people hesitate to add them to their space is that they often lack a lifelike appearance. Depending on whether you want a leafy or a flowering plant, quality at IKEA is reasonably good. However, when you scrutinize the plants a bit closer, they often lack a credible appearance.

ArtiPlanto is a well-known retailer of top-quality potted plants, and these are available in many sizes. The company is passionate about quality, and presentation. One of the reasons for starting ArtiPlanto was the owner’s struggle to find an 8-foot-tall plant in any price range. Besides their range of plants, ArtiPlanto also went the extra mile to make available some of the best planters and baskets that complement any space.

Comparing Prices

Affordable pricing options abound out there. Small potted plant prices at IKEA start from $1.99, and for just under $10, you can buy a small faux plant and planter.

Expect to pay from $18 and up for a plant at ArtiPlanto. Their range includes potted plants in all sizes, lifelike hanging plants, and impressive potted flower bouquets. These are all created to make an impression, so expect more substantial-looking plants than those available at IKEA.

What about selection

Plant choice is important because some spaces call for a Mediterranean feel, while others a tropical appeal. ArtiPlanto has a huge variety of potted plants, including olive trees, palms, artificial snake plants, birds of paradise, cacti, etc. These are available in multiple sizes to fill even the largest spaces.

The selection at IKEA is quite as impressive, but they cover a smaller range of plants, and these are relatively smaller, making them more suitable for smaller spaces.

Environment and Sustainability

Business expansion is part of global trade today. IKEA and ArtiPlanto are both expanding companies, with IKEA expanding from Europe outwards, and ArtiPlanto expanding from North America to Europe. Business expansion has its own set of difficulties, especially for companies moving into Europe. Europe has strict regulations and compliance is essential, requiring companies like ArtiPlanto to take many actions and quite a bit of perseverance.

Companies like ArtiPlanto and IKEA are concerned with the environment and sustainability. IKEA’s worldwide expansion efforts started many decades back. Their low-price policy stems from their packaging, and the concept has ensured phenomenal growth for the company. Today, IKEA is committed to using more renewable and recycled materials to prolong the life cycle of each product.

ArtiPlanto is a fast-growing company based in Montreal, New York, and Europe. Initially, their business was supplying interior designers with plants for their projects, but consumer demand made them change their plans. Today they are selling directly to consumers online.

They are just as passionate about real plants and trees as they are about their business. Doing their part, they have partnered with One Tree Planted, a growing non-profit organization with worldwide tree-planting initiatives.

Final Word

Styling any indoor or outdoor location with fake plants is relatively easy. Making them look convincing is a bit trickier. Interior decorators often suggest incorporating some natural elements in the design, including water or real soil, to make it all more realistic.

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