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Factors to Put Into Consideration When Purchasing Knapsack Sprayers

Knapsack sprayers dispel liquid through the hand-held nozzles which are connected to pressurized reservoirs that operators carry on their backs.

This article is about the knapsack sprayer. It disperses liquid in spray form, thus covering a large surface area in a shorter time while distributing equally. Considering the work it does, purchasing a high-quality one is necessary.

This content aims to equip a potential sprayer buyer with adequate knowledge about the product.

Over time, machines of all kinds have been developed to make work easier. With its suitability, the knapsack sprayer has been an important piece of equipment in the agricultural sector.

The factors to consider before buying one are;

  • Pump type

There are two types of this sprayer. There is the piston pump sprayer and the diaphragm pump sprayer. Their difference comes from how they create pressure to disperse the liquid through the nozzle. The piston pump sprayer moves up and down to create pressure that pushes the liquid up the chamber and out of the nozzle at fast speeds. The diaphragm pump sprayer has a diaphragm that bends up and down, thus creating pressure.

Most people prefer the diaphragm pump sprayer as it is more efficient and has low maintenance costs although it is more expensive.

  • The price

Due to the differences in model, the knapsack sprayer price in Kenya varies. There’s something for everyone in the market as the prices are well distributed, low to high. The more expensive ones are more efficient and have low maintenance costs, while the cheap ones might need many repairs later on but can manage average work.

It is therefore encouraged to purchase affordable ones, not only in buying but also in maintaining.

  • Chemical rating

Some chemicals are highly corrosive. This means that some could end up reacting with components of the sprayer. It is, therefore, important to pick one that can withstand all types of chemicals regardless of their corrosiveness.

  • Manual versus motorized

The knapsack sprayer’s pump must be operated to create pressure. This can be done in two ways; manually or automatically. This thus means that there are two models. In the manual model, the operator is the one that pumps while in the automatic one, the pump is motorized. The manual pump tends to be tedious and can lead to unequal distribution.

The motorized one needs batteries to operate and is more stable in distribution. This should be considered.

  • The model

Different companies come with different models. Some companies have made very efficient ones with easy accessibility of spare parts. The sprayers come in different shapes and designs. Some are more tiring to carry than others. Minding back health is important, so a good choice is good for the back. Some are easier to clean and maintain as the materials used to make them are easier to deal with.


This article explains some key factors while searching for a knapsack sprayer. With the many in the market, this article will help in the search. Comprehensive research will help in getting a good knapsack sprayer.

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