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Headphones can be difficult to maintain. Here are some useful and easy tips on how to extend the life of your headphones.

7 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Headphones

Want to keep your headphones usable for a long time?

Want to keep them as shiny and worthy as a new one? 

If yes, here are 7 easy tricks to extend the life of your!

Newer the look and better the working of your headphones, a lesser expense you will have to bear! 

So, let’s begin with these 7 tricks to save your headphones from getting completely worn out!

But first, we will look at the reasons that might be harming your headphones. Also, one of the reasons might become the cause for you to lose your favorite headphones. 

Instead, TLC off your headphones and keep them alive for a longer time!

What are the reasons behind the shorter life of your Headphones?

Several reasons are playing a role behind your headphones not being able to survive for a longer duration. Here is the list. If you are practicing even any one of it, STOP IT now. Or else be ready to buy expensive headphones again.

– Not using proper cases or covers.

– Not keeping it clean.

– Giving to anyone for use.

– Not protective about the cables.

– Keep away from moisture.

– Not protecting the plug and many more.

These are some main reasons why Best Bluetooth headphones in India get distorted soon. Let’s see how to safeguard them and give them longer life!

  1. Keep cables and plug safe 

How to keep the cables and plug safe? 

There are many ways to safeguard them. 

Whenever you have used the headphones, and it is time to keep them away, always remember that the cables and plug are safe.

Make sure while placing them in a drawer, the wire and plug don’t get crushed or cramped while closing it.

To make the plug strong- take a cello tape and wrap it around the end of the plug where it is connected with the wire. It will make that joint strong but also sticky.

You can wrap it with a ribbon or anything that will decrease the chances of its breakage. 

While the cable should be tangled together and wrapped around with a Velcro or alike thing. It will help it from getting frizzy.

  1. Use an appropriate case to store Headphones

Generally, if you have purchased a quality headphone pair, it will accompany its case as well. But if somehow, any protective case or box is not available, make sure you purchase one.

It’s like buying a perfect home for yourself, just like buying a box for your headphones!

If you have enough drawers at your house and can spare one of them for your headphones, it’s the best idea! Go for it. 

Else buy a case, where your headphones can rest like puppies resting in their dog house, LOL!

  1. Keep your Headphones clean [Do not wash them with water]

I know you are not stupid that you will wash it off in your washing machine!

But what if someone behaves like Gopi, the one washing the laptop with soap and water! HAHAHA, just stupid TV serials thing.

Once you use your headphones, try to clean them with a cotton cloth or cotton. Avoid keeping it away without cleaning it.

Sometimes, ear wax may be stuck inside the headphones, and it may damage them. It may affect the quality of sound as well. So, clean it after using it.

  1. Avoid sharing headphones! [They might make it Grumpy!]

Not everyone will be careful with the things that belong to others!

Some might not take well care of their headphones and end up breaking them or damaging them. And then you are left with the option of buying a new one!

It happens that the one you are sharing your headphones with might be suffering from some ear trouble. It might infect you as well. 

If you are sharing your headphones, first clean them well. And also, ask the person with whom you are sharing to clean it properly and then hand it over the back to you.

  1. Keeping headphones and moisture away from each other!

If you are using your headphones while jogging or exercising, your headphones might contact your sweat.

Or however, your headphones are contoured with water or rain; just pour alcohol over the watery headphones and wait for a few hours.

To soak away the moisture from the weather conditions from around the headphones- put Silica Gel Desiccant.

Also, some sweat-resistant headphones are available in the market. If you are specifically buying headphones for jogging or exercising, go for sweat and water-resistant headphones.

  1. Listening to music at a moderate volume

Keeping the volume moderate when listening to music will help you keep headphones and ears in good quality.

If the music volume is kept high, there are chances that you might suffer from hearing loss or noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Hence, always listen to music at a moderate level or low volume if possible.

  1. Have a charging schedule

If you are equipped with wireless headphones, always keep a fixed time to charge them. 

Having proper charging and a scheduled timing will set your headphones to have a longer life.

It is advisable that whenever you connect the headphones, always check the battery level. It should never run out below 30%. 

If you keep a habit of using the headphones up to the last mark of their battery, it will drain the life out of your headphones as well. 

Hence, try to keep a minimum of 30% of the battery in your headphones.


At last, we conclude that you have to give tender love and care to your headphones. And we welcome your advice or any other query that you have regarding this topic. Stay tuned with us, and happy reading!

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