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Exclusive elite cards are getting more popular. Find out how to attain one and what the elite cards have to offer.

Do Celebrities Use Credit Cards? Exclusive Elite Cards Reserved for Rich Only

There is a credit card out there for everyone, which implies there are credit cards that are expressly not for everyone. To give you an idea of the sorts of facilities and financial demands that a typical tycoon might desire, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 most exclusive credit cards in the world. If you’re wealthy, you could discover a card to add to your wish list and acquire the best credit monitoring.

How Have We Chosen The Credit Cards?

We looked at a few factors while compiling this list, particularly the card’s luxury characteristics, such as high cost, exclusive member status, premium design, luxury bonuses, and good credit scores. Obviously, having a large financial worth is required for these ten unique cards. In many circumstances, affiliation is conferred only by request.

The Best Ten Most Exclusive Credit Cards For Elites And Rich

  1. Centurian Card From American Express
  2. Dubai First Royale Mastercard
  3. JP Morgan Resrerve Card
  4. Sberbank Visa Infinite Gold Card
  5. Stratus Rewards Visa
  6. Coutts Silk Credit Card
  7. The Merill Lynch Octave Black Card
  8. Santander Unlimited Black Card
  9. Eurasian Diamond Card Visa Infinite 
  10. Luxury Card Mastercard Gold Card

Let us go through the attributes of these premium cards.

  • Centurian Card from American Express 

The Centurion® Card from American Express, often known as the Black Card, is  one of the most famous coveted and elite secured credit cards that is only available by request. You supposedly need to spend and pay off at least $250,000 throughout your Amex accounts in a year to get considered. To join this high-class club of Centurion cardholders, a 7,500 dollars commencement fee is necessary.

The card itself has an annual charge of $2,500. Since there is no predetermined spending limit on the card, your spending is flexible. You will get access to a personal concierge who will be able to fulfill any request you can think of. It also provides luxurious benefits that Amex takes great care not to publish:

“Dignitary treatment at Centurion airport lounges, world-class surprise gifts, bookings at 1,000 of the world’s most prestigious eateries, and a group of luxury travel assistances are all offered.”

  • Dubai First Royale Mastercard

Dubai First’s unique present to the UAE royalty and the region’s high net worth citizens is this magnificent card studded with a 0.235-carat diamond in the middle and completed in gold. This secured credit card is only available via application, and you may be unqualified even if you are extremely affluent. The registration cost is 7,000 UAE dirham (about $1,900). 

It eliminates several fundamental benefits included in regular credit cards, which may be insignificant to people who can afford them. If you didn’t have a credit limit, you may perhaps purportedly buy a cruiser on the spur of the moment. You can also get practically whatever you desire with limitless access to what the bank calls Royale Lifestyle Management, which includes an enthusiastic lifestyle consultant.

  • JP Morgan Reserve Card

This card is composed of palladium, a bright silvery chemical element that is more expensive than gold at $1,295 per oz. It is only available by request to J.P. Morgan’s best clients, who seemed to have a minimum of ten million dollars in assets managed by J.P. Morgan Private Bank. 

This secured credit card offers the following perks:

  • Easy accessibility to selected airport lounges
  • 3 times points on travel and meals
  • A 300 dollars annual travel credit
  • Credit for your International Travel or TSA PreCheck application
  • A portfolio of luxury travel protections for a $595 annual fee.

This secured credit card offers easy access to select airport lounges, 3 times more points on travel and meals, a three hundred dollars annual travel credit, a credit for your International Travel or TSA PreCheck application, and a portfolio of luxury travel protections. You will get immediate access to client support professional 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

  • Sberbank Visa Infinite Gold Card

If solid gold isn’t adequate anyway for you, how about some mother-of-pearl and twenty-six diamonds? 

This Visa Infinite card, issued by Kazakhstani bank Sberbank to just 100 of its top clienteles at first, costs a cool $100,000 upfront. A gigantic 65,000 dollars of this cash goes on imprinting the card, which is unheard of. The remaining $35,000 is credited to your account. In addition to the starting cost, an annual fee of $2,000 will be charged.

If you obtain the card, you’ll be the proud owner of a solid-gold symbol of wealth. Sberbank offers 2.5 million dollars in life and health insurance and a personal manager and twenty-four-hour airport transfers. Enjoy VIP access to luxury vacations and the world’s greatest golf courses. And, if you overlook paying your card payment while traveling around the world, you won’t be charged because this secured credit card has no late fees. 

  • Stratus Rewards Visa

The Stratus Rewards Visa, often known as the White Card, is widely known as the go-to card for jet setters. Before you may be considered for an exclusive invitation, you must first get a reference from a current cardholder or a Stratus Rewards partner organization.

What does it offer?

  • It features a reward program that gives cards access to private planes and charter flights. 
  • You may also arrange a private session with a famous wellness expert using your points. 

This secured credit card costs $1,500 per year, entitles you to personal concierge services, reduced charter flights, gratuitous car services, premium hotel enhancements, special occasions, and exclusive goodie bags.

  • Coutts Silk Credit Card

Coutts, which is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), only services high-net-worth clientele. Its potential customer form goes right to the point: around one stage, it asks if you’ll bring cash assets of more than a million pounds to Coutts. Coutts will kindly suggest that you try another bank if your answers to this or other questions indicate that you aren’t affluent enough or won’t be soon.

If you are well-off to become a Coutts patron, you can apply for the Coutts Silk Credit Card. The card has no annual or global transaction fees, and you possibly will use LoungeKey to visit airport lounges all around the world.

In addition, you will get access to various activities and experiences through Coutts’ distinctive rewards program, as well as 24×7 assistance from Coutts Concierge.

  • The Merill Lynch Octave Black Card

The Merrill Lynch Octave Black Card is a black metal card with an American Express logo that is exclusively available by request to the American bank’s high-net-worth patrons. 

To be able to qualify, you must have at least ten million dollars in a Merrill Lynch account. Cardholders pay a yearly charge of $950 in exchange for perks like no credit limit, 2.5 times more points on all qualified transactions, 350 dollars travel credit or Delta SkyClub Premium Sponsorship, private jet deals, and connect directly to airport caretakers.

  • Santander Unlimited Black Card

This modest black card is a product offered by the Brazilian Santander Group to its top private banking clients. Merely some few hundred secured credit cards are believed to be inflow.

The card has:

  • A high, adaptable spending limits
  • A 24-hour concierge service
  • LoungeKey subscription
  • Travel insurance
  • Mastercard Airport Concierge
  • Special experiences at premium restaurants and bars

The yearly cost, if any, for the card is unknown as of April 2021.

  • Eurasian Diamond Card Visa Infinite

Another Kazakhstani jewel, the Eurasian Bank Diamond Card Visa Infinite, is a high-end product for which you cannot apply. This eye-catching black card has an engraved gold decoration with a 0.02-carat diamond centered, and you can only acquire it if the bank’s executive committee or two existing card members endorse it. 

Based on your amount with Eurasian Bank, yearly card charges range from 150,000 to 450,000 Kazakhstani tenge which is about $395 to $1185. Accommodation puts the world at your fingertips by providing VIP hotel bookings, visa assistance, private aircraft arrangements, language support services, culinary services, and more.

  • Luxury Card MasterCard Gold Card

Unlike some of the other secured credit cards we’ve mentioned, the Luxury Card Mastercard® Gold CardTM does not need an application. It does, however, have substantial entrance hurdles due to its high cost: It costs $995 a year, which is more than twice as much as other premier travel cards and several invite-only cards.

The card, which has a 24-karat gold front, gives you access to Luxury Card Concierge as well as other perks like international luggage delivery, chauffeured transportation, and airport agents who can help you pass customs faster. Additionally, you’ll enjoy airline credits, accessibility to airport lounges, and a $100 reward toward your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application.

Do Celebrities Use Credit Cards?

Certainly, the majority of wealthy company owners and celebrities use secured credit cards. The reasoning for this is because they have a lot of costs, and paying by using a credit card will save them a lot of time. Furthermore, they receive an incentive for every dollar spent.

Are You Set to Apply for an Elite Credit Card?

The Bottom Line

While the cards in the preceding section are not exclusive to Lady Gaga, they do have strict application conditions. 

To be eligible, you must have outstanding credit and a high salary. Before registering, check your credit scores and reports to make sure you’re a suitable fit. You may also discover whether any credit card offers have been pre-approved for you (you might find an elite card waiting for you to apply!). Start by establishing credit with other credit cards if your credit scores aren’t quite there yet.

Although many premium cards have hefty yearly fees, do the math to guarantee you’ll receive sufficient benefit out of your chosen secure credit card.

Finally, regardless of which of the finest credit cards you apply for, remember to use it wisely. If you have a lot of Platinum card debt, you’ll never go to Black card status.

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