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We’re not that far from Mother's Day and 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' would make a perfect movie night. But where can I stream for free?

Where can I stream ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ free?

We’re not that far from Mother’s Day and Everything Everywhere All At Once would make a perfect movie night with your mother! This thrilling film that gave our beloved Jamie Lee Curtis the Oscar she deserved is a masterpiece we should all watch at least once in our lives. As you might know, Everything Everywhere All At Once is no longer in theatrical exhibition, these are its streaming possibilities!

 Everything Everywhere All At Once is a 2022 American science fiction film directed by the Russo Brothers and starring Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn. This woman discovers that she is part of a multiverse and must confront her various alternate selves in order to save her family and the world from destruction. Also, can we talk about the presence of multiverses in all current narratives? 

As you might already know if you’re a constant reader (and if you’re not, what are you waiting for?) at Film Daily we’re big fans of free streaming! We think money shouldn’t be a struggle to access the latest content and paying for that long list of streaming platforms is not possible for everyone. But don’t worry anymore, since we’ll share our best free streaming secrets with you. 

Why watch Everything Everywhere All At Once?

Everything Everywhere All At Once explores complex ideas related to quantum mechanics, the nature of reality, and the concept of a multiverse. Yet, as we mentioned, this isn’t the only film exploring the idea of being part of a multiverse, even Doctor Strange does that! Maybe it’s something related to the postmodern era where there are thousands of possibilities available. 

For these reasons, the film is described as a thrilling ride that takes us on a journey through multiple dimensions and realities. Yet, the movie does a great job of keeping a grounded emotional core that centers around Evelyn and her relationships with her family. If you’re a sensitive person, you’ll definitely end up either crying or confused, but somehow understanding everything! 

One of the strengths of the film is its honest & complex portrayal of Evelyn’s journey of self-discovery. As she confronts her alternate selves, she is forced to confront her own identity and the choices that have led her to where she is and be more empathic. Michelle Yeoh gives a powerful performance, conveying both the strength and vulnerability of her character with grace and nuance.

Another standout aspect of the film is its visual effects, since all dimensions are perfectly well represented. Also, the film’s use of color and lighting is particularly impressive, with each dimension having a distinct look and feel. So if you’re not quite understanding what’s going on, you’ll at least enjoy the film’s aesthetic proposal. 

If all these reasons aren’t strong enough for you to watch the film, remember it counts on a strong supporting cast! We’re talking about Jamie Lee Curtis! For all we’ve mentioned, Everything Everywhere All At Once is definitely worth watching.  So prepare your movie night and be ready to enjoy one of the greatest films of our time for free! 

Streaming possibilities 

If you count with Amazon Prime Video and live in the U.S. or in the UK then you’ll be able to stream this film on the platform. Nonetheless, if this is not your case either for the location you live in or because you don’t count on the platform, here’s what to do! When it comes to free streaming we’ve noticed that one of the most comfortable platforms to watch the best films for free is 123Movies!

Just have in mind that there’s no real way to watch something entirely for free. This means that you might not be paying to watch the film with dollars, but you’ll be definitely closing upcoming ads. 

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