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Is it possible Jeffrey Epstein faked his death? Find out everything about the conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy: If Jeffrey Epstein’s death were fake, where could he be hiding?

It’s been over a year since Jeffrey Epstein’s death and a lot of questions surrounding the event still remain unanswered. To this day we still haven’t seen every piece of information emerge and with Ghislaine Maxwell’s ongoing trial and the recent decision to deny her bail, it seems like we haven’t seen the last of this horrific case.

One terrifying aspect revealed about Jeffrey Epstein’s case is that his connections were so powerful, he was able to hide his sex trafficking ring for over ten years. As a result, many have come to believe Epstein could’ve faked his own death and escaped into hiding – after all, he could pull some strings and get someone to help him out, right?

Of course, believing Epstein survived & escaped is just a theory circling around in some parts of the internet. Here’s everything we know about this conspiracy theory.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death

On August 10th, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell while under federal custody. Unsurprisingly, the circumstances of his death raised many questions.

A couple of weeks before his death, Jeffrey Epstein had been found unconscious in his cell with neck injuries. Despite Epstein alleging he might’ve been attacked by his cellmate (who’s also accused of murder), guards believed it was a suicide attempt. As a result of the event, Jeffrey Epstein was put under suicide watch which meant he was supposed to be monitored constantly.

Six days after the incident, Jeffrey Epstein was released from suicide watch and later put in a special housing unit and assigned a cellmate which required extra monitoring on behalf of the guards. However, the protocols weren’t followed and Epstein was not checked every half hour as he was supposed to.

The circumstances of Jeffrey Epstein’s death seemed too much of a coincidence which is why some people assumed the problem wasn’t just negligence. Not only did the guards fail to keep an eye on Epstein, but the two cameras outside of Epstein’s cell also happened to malfunction that night. This, for most, seemed sketchy.

Is Jeffrey Epstein really dead?

Given Jeffrey Epstein’s powerful connections, some have speculated he could easily get some help from the outside and escape. Moreover, if Epstein’s trial had continued, many other influential personalities would’ve likely been exposed. This would all explain why Jeffrey Epstein’s death was surrounded by so many strange “coincidences”.

Recently, a drone captured footage of Epstein’s private island Little Saint James where we could catch a glimpse of a man talking to a staff member. Many have pointed out that the man looks remarkably similar to Jeffrey Epstein. Furthermore, the footage raises other questions like what could they be building on the island if it’s not inhabited at the moment and who’s paying the staff to continue?

People who support this theory have also argued a man with access to sexual material of many influential people would unlikely be killed without an information leak of some sort having transpired. This possibility has led many to speculate that Jeffrey Epstein could even be a fall guy for a bigger sex trafficking network.

If Jeffrey Epstein died, did he actually kill himself?

After Jeffrey Epstein’s death was declared a suicide, people started questioning if he had hung himself rather than being killed. The theory was fueled by the autopsy results which were debatable to some. In particular, Jeffrey Epstein had several neck bones fractured including the hyoid bone which, though it can break as a result of hanging, it’s most likely broken as a result of strangulation.

Additionally, the medical examiner only watched nine minutes of a security camera to reach the conclusion that Epstein had killed himself. Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers themselves argued the evidence pointed towards murder rather than suicide.

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