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Eric Caprarese, Bani Holcombe, Nate Calima join forces to bring together Ion Savings™ with PR & Entertainment

On a beautiful day in Miami, an idea was hatched between Eric Caprarese and Bani Holcombe to create a community-based affiliate program that promoted leadership and self-development coupled with savings on food in the United States and travel worldwide.

2023 has been the dawn of a new year and the words that are heard most often is “discipline” and “clarity.” Infinity One Network (ION Savings™) was created as a platform for people to save money, make money, go travel, while learning leadership and self-development in a fun ecosystem.

Bani Holcombe and Eric Caprarese reached out to Los Angeles (USA) and Bonifacio Global City (Philippines) based entrepreneur Nate Calima and they quickly began to make magic as the three have had success working together in the past. “The new 4th industrial revolution has changed everything alongside the monetized influencer and creator economy” says Nate Calima. “Companies who fail to adapt and stick to only old school methods have seen revenues drop substantially, you must meld together the tried and true community building platforms with modern ‘edu-tainment’ and marketing in this fast paced global economy”

The Infinity One Network or ION Savings™ app in the United States is a simple concept. Save money on things you’ll buy anyway, make money building a community of people saving, learning, and traveling, and teach others to do the same. However, ION is also available around the world as a travel and self-development platform. ION is perfectly positioned to be a player in the global economy. It is a company based on leadership.

Nate Calima reiterates, “As we grow, we will invest in lifestyle and collaborations with artists, influencers, creatives, and the press. Older companies shun these kind of partnerships but I believe that it is necessary to create an ecosystem that drives the right actions as evidenced by older companies dramatic decrease in revenue and inability to adapt to the 4th industrial revolution”

Bani Holcombe and his family leads from the front as they post about family day in Michigan where they take advantage of buy one get one free or “BOGO” offers in the ION Savings™ app. ION Savings™ is creating an inexpensive way for people to get together and improve the lives of those closest to them by rewarding people to go out and spend time with each other.

Eric Caprarese, Bani Holcombe, and Nate Calima operate a productive schedule. The service is simple to explain on zoom or even a quick phone call. “We made affiliate marketing fun, we made it a community experience” Nate Calima is traveling back and forth from the Philippines while Bani Holcombe is on constant calls with countries from Canada to Côte d’Ivoire. Eric Caprarese continues to build new alliances and be a “CEO of the people” as reflected in their generous affiliate compensation plan.

Infinity One Network has a very low learning curve. Often, affiliates can get set up in minutes and take advantage of the ION Savings™ app benefits immediately. It is not uncommon for an affiliate in the United States to sign up, take a friend out for pizza, save money on their order, and sign their friend on the phone once shown how simple it is.

The leadership of Infinity One Network is big on fun and recognition and wants to reward affiliates for spreading the word throughout social media and beyond. ION Savings™ strives to be a cool company that people would be proud to represent their brand. “The new social media and affiliate companies give simple paths toward monetization” says Nate Calima. “Now a person anywhere in the world can turn on their phone and build residual income once they register their subscription. With AI and mounting inflation concerns, people can now tap into a global service economy that relies on human interaction and adding to social happiness and Infinity One Network is doing its part to let everyone get a piece of the digital future.”

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