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We’ve looked over some moments of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' again. Here are suspicious moments from Ellen herself.

‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: The moments we look at differently now

With the news that everything with The Ellen Show wasn’t all sunshine and roses behind the scenes, it’s definitely making people take a second look at the various antics of the host over the years. The toxic workplace culture may have been done at the hands of the senior staff, but Ellen DeGeneres herself is no angel. In fact, she can even be pretty mean if the stories are to be believed.

We’ve looked over some moments of the series again. These moments that, looking back on it, make us wonder if they were really meant to be as lighthearted or genuine as advertised. Or the moments when celebrities got real honest about calling Ellen on her own show. So we’re back with Ellen moments that we’re side-eyeing now part two, the reckoning! 

Sofia Vergara

Best known for her role on Modern Family and as a judge on America’s Got Talent, Sofia Vergara seems like a pretty nice lady. Or, at least, you don’t hear stories about her being mean like we have about Ellen. Anyway, while appearing on The Ellen Show, Ellen said this on Vergara’s accent over the course of her role on Modern Family. “You’ve been on the show ten years, and your accent has gotten worse.”

Rude! Also Vergara doesn’t have to lose her accent to be appealing to American audiences, Ellen. She sounds fine. That was so unbelievably rude to hear the host tell another person! 

Making fun of fan gifts

Fans are a passionate bunch. Yes, sometimes this ends in flame wars and stalker behavior. For the most part though, most fans just like showing their appreciation to people who give them great entertainment. Ellen DeGeneres had her fair share of dedicated fans. Like many fans, they sent her gifts. And she decided to make fun of them on Ellen, in front of a giant audience.

Not everyone can be a great artist or something, but they try. Looking back on this segment, it just looks like Ellen is making fun of them for trying. More importantly, this would be utterly humiliating if a gift that you worked so hard on is called “bad” on national television. This is on the level of those who make actors read fanfictions of themselves out loud in terms of humiliation.

Priyanka Chopra

What we’re learning is that if you’re trying to call out a celebrity on your show, then you need to make sure that said celeb hasn’t invited you to things that you swear you weren’t invited to. Like Dakota Johnson before her, Priyanka Chopra had no issue telling Ellen on her show that a) yes she was invited to her wedding to Nick Jonas and b) they’re a little offended she didn’t respond.

It’s rare to see someone so casually read to filth on their own series. Chopra, however, made it look absolutely classy as she did it to Ellen. Like damn woman, you and Dakota Johnson should just take over The Ellen Show. Seriously.

Drew Barrymore

Dealing with substance abuse issues is difficult. While some people try to face it with humor, it’s not for everyone. More to the point, it’s up to the person in recovery to set how they want to face such things. After opening up her struggles with substance abuse to Ellen, Barrymore started talking about her daughter, who is six.

To this, Ellen said, “Six-so you started drinking around that age?” Yikes, Ellen, yikes. It’s absolutely inappropriate to make a joke like that. And, like, Barrymore was being serious when she talked about such struggles. Don’t make her recovery from substance abuse into a subpar joke.

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