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'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Will its contract save Ellen? Here's what we know.

‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: Will its contract save Ellen from cancelation?

Recently, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Members of the staff and some of the show’s guests came forward with bad experiences which are severely damaging Ellen’s reputation. As a result, season 17 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show registered an all-time low in ratings and there’s no sign of improvement in the near future. 

It all started when guest celebrities and members of the crew accused Ellen of being mean behind the cameras. These declarations didn’t come as a surprise to some, since there’s some evidence of Ellen’s problematic behavior during the show, too. For instance, one of Ellen’s skits wasn’t well received by the audience for putting attendees on the spot and suggesting they had stolen merchandise.

Some interviews with celebrities on The Ellen DeGeneres Show have been embarrassing to watch. A great example is when Ellen couldn’t find a good excuse for not going to Dakota Johnson’s birthday party, or the time she forces Taylor Swift to talk about her romantic life.

Ellen also faced backlash for creating an abusive workspace. Most of the hardest accusations came from members of the staff who claimed they’re underpaid during lockdown, even though the show continues to air. 

Part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s staff claims there’s a “toxic” environment in the workplace. Some of the accusations include being fired after taking sick leave, being instructed not to talk to her, and even racist behavior on Ellen’s part.

Ellen’s brand

Ever since Ellen was publicly called out, some viewers expressed being against her hosting the talk show. However, it’s difficult to separate Ellen DeGeneres from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Other celebrities might be able to host a successful talk show as well, but it’s almost impossible to separate Ellen from her brand.

Ellen DeGeneres was also one of the people who gave visibility to the LGBT community. Her work served as inspiration for many comedians and rose the public visibility of the gay community. All of this is only part of why Ellen’s brand has gained such a big fanbase.

Ellen’s contract

Because of The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s recent troubles in public perception, Warner has to face the decision of canceling Ellen’s contract. Many have speculated the show is soon to be taken off air. However, this might not be a good solution for Warner after all.

If Warner cancels their contract with Ellen, all of the millions invested in the show could be lost. Ellen’s reputation could potentially be damaged if her contract is cancelled, which would probably lead to Ellen taking legal action against Warner.

Warner would also have to figure out what to do with EDN (Ellen Digital Network). Last week, three celebrities were signed for some shows on EDN:s Sarah Hyland, Ellie Kemper, and Tiffany Hadish are expected to host Lady Parts, Help Me Gen Z, and an untitled show, respectively.

So far it looks like canceling Ellen’s contract is a risky move for Warner. On the other hand, Warner might also face backlash if they don’t act soon.

Is The Ellen DeGeneres Show getting canceled?

The producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show have denied rumors about the show getting canceled. This isn’t only due to Ellen’s contract, though. Despite recent bad press and decreasing ratings, some viewers still support Ellen and her show.

After airing almost seventeen years, The Ellen DeGeneres Show became one of the most beloved talk shows, having received over a hundred Daytime Emmy Award nominations and won even more Outstanding Talk Show Awards than Oprah. The show has been a part of our lives for so long and people are finding it hard to let go.

Maybe the remaining fans and Ellen’s contract will stop the show from being canceled. Either way, Warner needs to find a solution quickly before ratings drop even further.

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