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Elisha Elbaz is continuing to make waves in the business world, with his company, DigitalFuture, LTD. Here's our interview with the influencer.

Step into the digital future with influencer Elisha Elbaz

Elisha Elbaz is kind of a big deal. Fluent in three languages, the entrepreneur has been founding businesses since he was 21, and become an impactful social media influencer. Now at the age of 34, Elisha is continuing to make waves in the business world, with his company, DigitalFuture, LTD.

Digital Future is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in branding campaigns, mobile app installs and engagement, cost-per-impression (CPI), content marketing, user acquisition and virtually anything that increases brand value. Elisha Elbaz showed he knows a thing or two about digital marketing, as his Instagram account grew to over a hundred thousand followers in less than a year. 

Digital Future is leading Israel’s tech boom, and their founder and CEO is more than ready for what’s next. We had the opportunity to meet with Elisha Elbaz to discuss all things branding, social media, and breakdancing. 

Elisha, you’re quite the sensation on Instagram, when did you come to the platform?

I started using Instagram in early 2019, after many months of debating on the idea. I had to put myself out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did. It is the only way to grow personally and professionally, in my experience. 

Without giving us your tricks of the trade can you give us an idea of how you came to create such a powerful brand on Instagram?

To grow a brand it is important to combine a few elements: quality content that can be easily understood, promote the content to audiences via various promotion methods, and connect with the community to establish long-lasting relationships. 

 Tell us about Digital Future, when did you found the company and what was your initial goal?

I founded DigitalFuture in 2016. The initial goal was to provide great value to everyone who works with us, whether it’s employees, providers or customers. I am very happy to say that the goal is achieved and excited about all the new ones!

What types of clients do you work with?

The type of clients DigitalFuture work with, are app developers, media agencies and affiliate networks. Our main focus is helping app developers market their apps to their end-users.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge so far is handling the huge amount of data that needs to be processed every day. We are managing hundreds of communications, thousands of campaigns and millions in revenue. It comes with a lot of responsibility. 

We overcome the challenges by putting a lot of attention to how the final result should look like and do whatever it takes to get there. From there, we are constantly working on refining our workflows. There are a lot of moving parts and we are excited about our new optimization technology that is slowly being rolled out.   

What are your tips for budding entrepreneurs?

If you can afford one, get a mentor that you work with at least once a week. Not only that a good mentor could help you channel your energy, time and money in the right direction, but the sense of accountability would also be a great motivator by itself. 

If you cannot afford one, set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals, and once done – review them and make them 50% smaller. Then, make sure you only perform actions that have a direct relation towards completing the tasks. 

How do you approach failure?

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2008 and as such, I’m not a stranger to failures. When such happens, accepting it as what it really is and taking responsibility is the most important thing, in my opinion. 

Recognizing the risks and being prepared for them greatly reduces the negative effect that comes with failures. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to be prepared for everything. Hence, it’s best to focus on matters that you can have a real impact, and deal with whatever might come. 

Tell us about the tech scene in Israel, it sounds like it’s an exciting time to be a start-up in Israel?

The tech scene in Israel is absolutely exploding. There are countless startup companies, many are being funded by VCs and it becomes quite the silicon valley of the middle east. 

 When you’re not building businesses what do you do to relax?

I love spending time with my family, they are the source of my motivation and happiness. Consuming professional knowledge, working out a few times per week and breakdancing to hip hop music is helping me relieve stress and clear the mind. 

 What’s the best business book you read?

I’m not much of a book guy and it’s been many years since I read a professional book. I listen to podcasts and watch short-form videos for my daily dose of professional content. 

 Do you have any business mentors?

While I have been coached several times in the last few years, I haven’t found a mentor to work closely with me, yet. I wish I had one because I do appreciate the value it can provide. My CTO Raz Kofman is a great source of knowledge for consultation and I’m grateful to have him on board with me.

What is the core way you’ve grown Digital Future?

Respect, patience, review and improve.   

Going back to fashion, what men’s brands should we know about from Israel?

I enjoy working with my friends at De Loka Ashkelon. Their goods are priced fairly and their customer relations are second to none.  

If our readers signed up for Digital Future services right now talk us through what they could expect from the process and the results they’d see?

In DigitalFuture, we help brands form a marketing strategy to achieve their goals. We work only with entities that are committed to success and as a result, we have more resources to pay close attention to the performance of our campaigns. 

Promoting mobile apps to consumers, increasing brand awareness, Instagram growth and lead generation are some of the features we offer our partners with great success. 

Tell us what you think the future is for digital marketing.

In the future, full transparency of campaigns might be mandatory. This will ensure fewer disputes over conversion approvals and faster payments for the promoters. When this happens, I believe that user acquisition payouts will be significantly higher than current ones. Influencers will continue the transition from affiliate marketing to their own brands.

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