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Electric cars are growing in popularity. Find out whether electric cars are good or bad for one's health here.

Are Electric Cars Good for Your Health?

Whenever we talk about electric cars, we usually discuss their benefits, such as reduction in noise pollution, lower CO2 emission, and lower running costs. 

In this piece, however, electric cars have massive motors, which produce enormous electromagnetic radiation. Now, you might be in a dilemma if this radiation generated through an electric motor poses any health hazard. In some conditions, people suffering from an implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD) may get exposed to severe risks while driving an electric car. However, a single incident has not been reported if an electric car has caused a pitfall impact on a normal person.

For the record, research conducted back in 2009 by the National Research Council showed that electric cars generate more health hazards than gasoline vehicles. We can argue that the technology has changed over a decade, and now we have proper control over the passenger exposure to an electromagnetic field. Furthermore, with a commandeer design and guidelines, electric cars are now safe for daily commute.

Hear us out, buying a used car is not a bad idea; either it’s a gasoline car or an electric car. Indeed, a car’s condition has to be good and perform as expected in every road condition. Right off the bat, getting a Revs Check Report helps you determine if the car is worth your money. History reports generated online through Revs Check give you an insight into its financial details, written-off status, and stolen report. Basically, it helps you figure out if the deal is well enough to trade. 

How do electric cars run?

Electric cars are gradually advancing, and we fear they would replace gasoline cars like smartphones have replaced phone booths. The electric car was first designed back in the 1890s, but still, it uses the same compartments named motor, battery, and an inverter. 

The wheel of the electric motor runs with the help of an induction motor. It consists of a rotor and a stator. The rotor is the typical cylinder made up of a series of conduction bars and short-circuited by rings. Similarly, the stator runs with the help of alternating pulses. Now, the coils in the wheel generate an electromagnetic field causing it to rotate.

The inverter in the electric motor plays a significant role, and it also helps in regenerating braking. As soon a driver presses a car’s accelerometer, the induction motor inside the compartment acts as a generator. The induction motor ensures the rotor speed is greater than the Rotating Magnetic Field. The magnetic field opposed on the rotor during the process helps the vehicle to slow down.

The concept of batteries in an electric car cannot hold the electricity but the electrical energy in the form of chemicals. These batteries are packed together in a cell module, which helps run the vehicle and operate several electric accessories in the vehicle.

What makes an electric motor safe?

There are several forms of radiation like cosmic rays, X-rays, and gamma rays called ionizing radiations. These radiations can be toxic when exposed to human tissues. However, Earth’s magnetic field shields us from these ionizing radiations. Electric motors like Tesla produce non-ionizing radiation which cannot pass through the tissue of human beings. In the grand scheme of things, electric motors are not bad for our health at all. 

Since we already know the electric motor is good for our health, why aren’t we using electric cars all around? There could be several reasons but the prior being costs to buy an electric car. No doubt, a pioneer manufacturer of an electric car motor in a recent generation is Tesla. Its market is flourishing more than ever in recent years. When it comes to the cost of buying Tesla, their recent release, the Tesla Model S, starts at a whopping $79,000 and goes all around to 6-figure $157,490.

You might be amazed by the number of electric cars in the market recently. Be it as it may, you may spend lots of cash getting an electric car to your garage, but you will be paying zero on gas. Charging an electric car is by far cheaper than putting gasoline on them.

At the same time, you will be spending less time while charging the car than waiting for a turn to fill gas in the tank. Moreover, you can go farther distances once you charge an electric car. On the other hand, distance in a gasoline car depends on your riding habit, usually called mileage which is not very environment friendly if you’d ask.

In the long run, buying an electric car saves a lot of money. It’s totally false that the radiation generated through electric cars harms our bodies. So, the next time someone claims the electric car can damage your health, you know how to set them straight. The future is electric and with the emergence of charger sharing apps like joosup the switch to EV will only accelerate.”

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