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From Nicki Minaj’s references to Ringo hopefuls, people’s electoral map meme game is pretty high right now. Check out the best memes.

Election results, weather, or booty calls: The best electoral map memes

So many people are on edge while awaiting the election results – Biden & Trump probably being the chief balls of nervousness. Pollsters have been predicting the outcome of the 2020 election for so long, and now the results are finally in! 

Syke. We wish. Unfortunately, we’re still in limbo. As such, many have taken it upon themselves to display electoral maps of their own making in the interim. The internet never lets us down when it comes to memeifying things. There are so many different iterations and they’re almost all hilarious. 

From Nicki Minaj’s references to Ringo hopefuls, people’s electoral map meme game is pretty high right now. The world might be a better place if some of these electoral maps were actually valid. Since they’re not, all we can actually do right now is laugh about how crazy they are. Enjoy. 

Rage map

We feel this electoral map perfectly illustrates the pent up frustration in the hearts of Americans right now. It’s also a depiction of how the losing party will feel once it’s all over. 


This one is by far one of the most creative and hilarious. 

Biden would have it in the bag if this was the case – no more waiting! 

This one takes a similar token as the Ludacris map. It’s basically a little nugget of comedic excellence. 

I see red, people 

This voter went abstract with this one. Is it red because of a republican win prediction or because there will be blood either way? You decide.  

“Nacho election,” the winning party will brag

This one’s not the funniest in the batch. To be fair though, nacho cheese is pretty great, so we’ll go with it. 

Ringo for president 

Considering the fact votes are still being counted, is it too late to write this onto the ballot? 

Joke’s on us 

The winner is Britney. 

Denim’s in 

Wouldn’t Biden love it if this was the case? Also, maybe go buy a pair of jeans. These days people are wearing inside-wear like sweats & leggings so much the denim industry is probably hurting. Throw them a bone.

Dystopian election map 

Seriously, though. The outrageous things happening in government recently are fit for a dystopian sci-fi world. 

Sorry, West Virginia 

You got stuck with the role of zit.


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