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Drain Gang is a collective of Swedish musicians who have gained a dedicated following. But what's their net worth?

Drain Gang are hot, but how did they make their net worth?

Drain Gang is a collective of Swedish musicians who have gained a dedicated following for their unique blend of experimental hip-hop, punk rock, and electronic music. Formed in 2013 by artists Yung Lean, Thaiboy Digital, and Bladee, Drain Gang has since expanded to include other members such as Ecco2k & Whitearmor.

The group’s early work was heavily influenced by internet culture and memes, with Yung Lean becoming known for his eclectic fashion sense and eccentric music videos. Their sound evolved over time to incorporate more complex instrumentals and introspective lyrics that spoke to the struggles of youth culture.

One defining aspect of Drain Gang’s music is their use of autotune and vocal processing techniques that create an otherworldly atmosphere. This has led some critics to label their music as “cloud rap,” a subgenre of hip-hop that emphasizes dreamy soundscapes and melancholic themes.

Despite their underground status, Drain Gang has amassed a significant following across the world with fans drawn to their raw honesty and unapologetic approach to making music. Their live shows are known for being high-energy affairs that often blur the lines between genres.

In recent years, Drain Gang’s influence has extended beyond just the music industry. They have collaborated with major fashion brands such as Calvin Klein & Nike on clothing lines that reflect their unique aesthetic. Additionally, members like Yung Lean have become cultural icons in their own right, inspiring a new generation of artists who value authenticity over commercial success.

Drain is a genre of experimental music that is rooted in noise and designed to create an environment of intense, overwhelming sound. It typically consists of extended periods of harsh, abrasive sounds that blend together in a wall of distorted chaos. Drain’s goal is to create an experience that can take the listener on an intense and immersive journey. Drain often uses samples, found sounds, and manipulated field recordings as part of its sonic palette.

Drain Gang is known for redefining a whole new genre – Drain. But what’s their net worth? Turns out that the Swedish musicians have a net worth of $150,000 and it will only grow. 

Here are some fan reactions to Drain Gang and how they have changed music:


As they continue to push boundaries with their artistry, it’s clear that Drain Gang is here to stay. With each release, they show why they are one of the most exciting musical collectives in recent memory – one that refuses to be defined by any one genre or label.

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