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Does GOAT really sell fake shoes?

Does GOAT really sell fake shoes?

The sneaker resale industry is expected to be worth $6 billion by 2025 worldwide. Yet, fake shoes are becoming a problem for the industry’s progress, causing buyers to be more careful when buying pricey items. 


Lots of people are buying from trusted sellers such as GOAT. 

Does GOAT sell fake shoes?


GOAT is a big marketplace for fancy trainers you can trust to buy and sell trainers. GOAT was born after Daishin Sugano, one of its founders, purchased a pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes but discovered they were fake. Just like stockx legitimacy, people also have doubts about GOAT.


Unfortunately, he couldn’t get a refund because eBay’s policy was not good enough. This made him collaborate with his co-founder, Eddy, to create a reliable platform for buying trainers. So, if you want a reliable and honest place to buy trainers, GOAT is a good option.


GOAT ensures that all trainers on their website are accurate so people don’t get tricked into buying fake shoes. You can learn more about Jordan 4 replicas here.


Sellers list items on the marketplace. GOAT verifies resale shoes before they are sent to the buyer. GOAT offers a full refund if a fake shoe is discovered and will not ship it to the buyer. 


Retail items are verified by GOAT beforehand so they can be sent from the vendor to the consumers without any extra verification.


GOAT uses artificial intelligence to verify trainers. It includes Computer Vision and Amazon Web Services. 


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GOAT uses AI technology


The site has many shoes and information, so the computer program can easily find fake ones. In addition, GOAT has sneaker experts who can identify genuine and counterfeit shoes without using AI.


GOAT has shops in Los Angeles and New York where you can check the footwear before buying them if you like to see them in person. This way, you can make sure they’re real.


GOAT allows refunds and exchanges for items in their original condition upon delivery. Some products, like Special Products, final-sale items, and GOAT Storage items, cannot be returned or exchanged. 


Buyers can request a refund and return the product to GOAT within three days of receiving it. GOAT refunds the total amount in GOAT credit for approved returned trainers, which can be utilized for future purchases. 


Please be aware that GOAT does not provide complimentary returns shipping, and the refunded amount does not include the initial shipping fee.


You can cancel requests on GOAT within three hours of buying, except for pre-verified and certified goods purchased through retail and boutique partners, which cannot be revoked.




To sum up, GOAT is a reliable platform for purchasing and exchanging trainers. Every product is verified for authenticity, and the platform uses advanced artificial intelligence and professionals to identify counterfeit items. If a fake shoe is found, it won’t be sent, and the purchaser will get a complete reimbursement as GOAT credit. 


Furthermore, GOAT is a safe place to shop because they have good policies for checking if things are real and giving refunds. It helps buyers feel better and stops bad sellers from tricking people.

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