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As we know, there are memes for every situation, even Tinder hookups. Here are some relatable, funny, and dirty memes.

Dirty memes: What we’re all thinking when we swipe right

Real-world dating has given way to online interaction during the time of the coronavirus. Dating apps are as important as ever and lately people have been swiping & sanitizing their hearts out.

But just because we’re keeping it clean during corona doesn’t mean our online dating interactions can’t be a little dirty. Along those lines, our memes could benefit from sly dirty humor as well, cause let’s face it – a 69 joke will never not be hilarious. As we know, there are memes for every situation, even Tinder hookups. Here are some memes that accurately describe what we’re thinking when we see something we like. 

What you see is what you get

You want to lay a solid foundation and have a good time? Swipe right on Brick. 

An indulgent snack

And if that doesn’t work, the seven course meal of clam & sausage dishes should tip her off. 

Safety first

The dirty talk starts when you tell him how hot he looks biting open the condom wrapper. 

Calculating the dimensions

Is she more of a Munchkin or a Maine Coon?

High maintenance hook-up

When you swipe right on yourself because damn it! – you’re worth it. 

Mixed messages

Then you scroll down to her hobbies and find out she’s a world-ranked competitive eater. 

Because she can be more than one thing

These are the Tinder profiles you swipe right on when you’re more curious than horny. 

It’s all marketing baby 

A good profile can be worth a fondle.

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