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Deshaun Watson’s contract


In the NFL, Deshaun Watson plays as a quarterback for the Houston Texans, and he was drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. F He is considered one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. After joining the Texans, he assumed the role of offensive coordinator and steered the team to several postseason appearances.

In September 2020, the Texans and Watson agreed on a contract extension that broke a new record and positioned him among the NFL’s highest-paid players.  He joined the team after agreeing to the extension. $111 million of the $160 million, four-year extension’s value is guaranteed. The Texans and Watson both benefit from this deal because it shows a long-term commitment to one of their most crucial players.

This article will cover the specifics of Watson’s contract extension, its implications for both him and the Texans, his performance and potential for future success, and the pros and cons of investing in a player of his caliber. By the end, readers will have a comprehensive understanding of Watson’s contract and its impact on the future of the Houston Texans.

Deshaun Watson’s Contract Extension:

With $111 million guaranteed, Deshaun Watson’s contract extension with the Houston Texans is worth $160 million over four years.  In September 2020, Watson signed a contract extension with the Texans that set a new record and established him as one of the highest-paid NFL players. He joined the team after agreeing to the extension.

Only Patrick Mahomes’ record-breaking contract tops Watson’s in terms of guarantees. The Texans’ decision to give Watson a substantial contract indicates their strong financial investment in him and their expectation for him to be a crucial player on the team for an extended period.

While Watson’s contract is undoubtedly lucrative, the Texans will also bear a sizable financial burden as a result of it. It may be more difficult for them to put a strong roster around him because his $40 million yearly salary represents a sizable portion of the team’s salary cap.  

Watson’s Performance and Future Expectations:

The Houston Texans honored Deshaun Watson’s outstanding performance over the previous few seasons with a record-breaking contract extension. Since his debut in 2017, Watson has proven himself to be one of the most talented young quarterbacks in the NFL. He has played 54 games, achieving a career passer rating of 101.0, throwing for over 14,500 yards, and completing 104 touchdown passes.

The Texans’ decision to sign Watson to a long-term contract was largely based on his impressive performance on the field. With his ability to both throw and run, as well as his leadership and composure, Watson is a valuable asset to the team. At only 26 years old, he is already one of the league’s top quarterbacks and has plenty of potential for further improvement in the future.

The Texans signed a four-year contract extension with Watson, who is considered a talented and exciting quarterback. This move shows that the team is willing to invest in Watson’s future success and commit to having him lead their offense for the long term. Although there is risk involved in placing such a large wager on one player, the Texans believe that Watson is worth the investment and has the potential to be a franchise quarterback.

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Contract Negotiations and Other Factors:

Deshaun Watson’s contract extension was likely the result of prolonged, difficult negotiations between him and the Houston Texans. Watson’s market value was likely a significant consideration in the decision to offer him a large contract, as he had already proven himself as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks. He may have been able to demand an even higher salary if he had become a free agent.

Watson’s relationship with the team may have been another significant factor. Following the departure of star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and concerns about his future in Houston, Watson has repeatedly stated his commitment to the Texans and his desire to help the team succeed. Despite the departure of DeAndre Hopkins, a top wide receiver, and uncertainty surrounding his future with the Texans, Watson has expressed his dedication to the team and his determination to assist them in achieving success.
The Texans’ choice to commit to a long-term contract with Watson may have been influenced by his loyalty and dedication to the team.

The team’s salary cap situation and how Watson’s contract would affect their ability to assemble a competitive roster around him may have also been topics of discussion during the negotiations. The Texans essentially agree to build their team around Watson for the foreseeable future by giving him a long-term contract with sizeable guarantees.

The Risks and Rewards of Investing in Watson:

Deshaun Watson represents a quarterback who offers both risks and potential rewards for investors. A franchise quarterback can, on the one hand, provide a team with the chance for long-term stability and on-field success. However, an accident or other unforeseen event could jeopardize a player’s career, making a sizable investment a liability rather than an asset.

The advantages of Watson’s support are plain to see. Watson has already proven himself to be one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks, and he has the potential to continue growing and enhancing his skills. The Texans have secured a bright future for their offensive strategy by signing a long-term contract with Watson, who is an accomplished and exhilarating quarterback.

A quarterback is a physically demanding position, so spending so much money on one player comes with a number of risks. In addition to ending the Texans’ season, a serious Watson injury could cost the team money due to his contract. 

The Texans have obviously decided that the potential benefits of investing in Watson outweigh the potential risks despite these dangers. The Texans have displayed their dedication to constructing a victorious team centered on Watson by awarding him a long-term contract, which assures that their offense will be guided by a skilled quarterback in the years to come.


When the Houston Texans prolonged Deshaun Watson’s contract, they made a significant financial commitment, but it may prove worthwhile if he continues to excel at his high level of performance. As a result of his new contract, Watson is now among the NFL’s top earners, with a reported four-year extension worth up to $160 million. This move demonstrates the team’s commitment to building a long-term strategy around Watson.  

Several factors, including Watson’s on-field performance, his potential market value, and his rapport with the team, influenced the decision to prolong his contract. All of these topics have been discussed in this article. We’ve also looked at the benefits and drawbacks of investing in a player like Watson and the discussions that probably took place before the contract extension.


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