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Own Stand Up Packaging

Customize Your Own Stand Up Packaging

Once you have decided on stand-up packaging, you have other important choices to maximize your benefits from smart packaging. Much of this will deal with how your product looks on the store shelf or digital platforms. With stand up pouches custom strategies, your company has the opportunity to create beautiful packaging that has impressive visual appeal. This proven way to attract new customers can spur growth. 

Stand Out From The Competition

Packaging with a flat or uninspired appearance could dampen sales. Many consumers will not opt for a new product if the packaging looks inferior. Stand-up pouches provide ample space to highlight bright graphics, vivid colors and creative designs. The possibilities for positive branding are nearly endless and include the following visual markers:

  • Color schemes that become associated with your brand
  • Logo placements that stand out from a distance
  • Designs that quickly identify your product
  • Reward programs that offer real value
  • Narratives that tell a compelling story

Mylar bag packaging and pouch designs also incorporate films and barriers that result in a premium look and feel.  The mylar material has many properties that do not come with paper or foil bags. Mylar has an enhanced ability to keep out moisture and oxygen from permeating packaging, which helps keep your products fresh for a longer time. This simple fact cuts down on product waste and increases customer satisfaction.

The durability of mylar also allows for more child-resistant and puncture-resistant pouches and bags. You can choose from several different designs and sizes, and you can add features such as resealable closures, spot embellishments and clouded or transparent windows. Mylar along with digital printing allows you to choose sustainable films and barriers as well as eco-friendly production processes.

Custom Made Simple

When it comes to custom flexible packaging, you can take a hands-on approach if you desire, and make most of the decisions along the way. Or you can work with design services that offer proven solutions from a team of professionals. Whether you need a little help or a lot of help or whether you wish to modify an existing design concept or go with something bold and new, you will get the professional assistance you need.

If you struggle with coming up with the right design and mix of colors, you could delay bringing your product to market. A professional team can come up with a press-ready design that eliminates delays and errors. You will be consulted every step of the way and receive an introduction to concepts that can build brand awareness and strengthen the image of your company. As things change in the retail world and your company, you can expect a steady evolution of packaging ideas to allow you to compete with competitors big and small.

The step forward with custom-designed packaging represents major progress. Opportunities such as reward programs and engaged packaging and product tracking now become affordable with digital printing. You won’t have to worry about your product languishing on the shelf. You can feel confident that consumers will take notice of your brand.

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