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Custom Printed Boxes – Stand Out From the Packaging Crowd

In today’s crowded packaging market, it has become more crucial for the business to stand high than ever because competition is already touching the sky. So, attain and maintain a high position in the market with the use of custom printed boxes. 

According to this study: “The global personalized packaging market size accounted for USD 34.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to hit around USD 59.77 billion by the end of 2032 increasing at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2023 to 2032.”

It gives a unique look to the products. Moreover, it enhances the presentation of the products. The unique presentation helps to attract new buyers and retain the old ones. 

It is the first point of connection between the customers and the brands. So, present your packaging in the best way, through cheap custom printed boxes that give them a feel that they have never seen before. Tell them about your brand and give them a long-lasting impression. 

It is a time-consuming process. But once anyone achieves this goal, then their chances of growth become higher day by day. The growth of the business determines higher sales. 

How to Stand Out with Custom Printed Boxes – Things to Consider

In this article, you will explore how these boxes help the business make their unique identity and differentiate their brands in the challenging market.

Selection of the Custom Printed Box

Be efficient in the selection of the custom printed box to stand out in the packaging market. Consider these things:  

1. Aesthetic Use of Printing

You can find a diverse variety of printing facilities in the packaging market. Some of these printing techniques include:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing 
  • Flexography 

Each of these printing techniques has its specifications and cost. Choose those that meet your budget and suit your box materials.

2. Wise Selection of the Materials

Cardboard and paperboard are the most common materials used to make the box. These materials have a high impact on the box. So, materials should be durable and sustainable and must be sustained for a longer time.

3. Finishing Gives a Stunning Look

In the packaging market, customers can find a large range of finishing options. Some of these finishes include:

  • Lamination
  • Foil stamping
  • Spot UV

It gives a luxury touch to the custom printed boxes. This luxury touch attracts and delights the customers at first sight. 

4. Size & Shape of the Custom Box

You should consider the product’s shape, size, and weight. Then, design a box based on the product’s requirements.  

5. Lively Color Scheme

There is a broad spectrum of colors that you can choose from. But it’s not easy. Critical analysis is necessary. Pick those colors that match the brands.

Innovation in the Custom Printed Box

Introduce die-cut shapes, folded box style, and windows in your packaging. It enables your brand to shine in the eyes and hearts of the customers and among the competitors. 

Know the Power of the First Image of the Packaging

As we all know, no one can get a second chance to make the first impression better. So, do your best to give the first expression the best one. The packaging of the box is the first thing that a consumer can see and touch. Well-designed custom printed boxes show professionalism to the customers.  

For example, if you own a food box packaging, think about how you can catch the customers. You can make a unique design of custom printed food boxes wholesale and tell them about the products. 

You can mention details on the box, e.g., manufacturing and the expiry date of the items or more. All these things give a memorable experience to the buyers.

Tell the Story of Your Brand

Every brand has a different story from the other brands. If you are committed to giving sustainable packaging, you can tell them about this. You are giving eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. It indicates that you are a trustworthy and loyal brand.

In this way, you can connect with eco-conscious consumers at a deeper level. And builds a strong customer-brand relationship for the long term. 

How to Connect with the Buyers?

Business success depends upon the loyalty of the customers. Think about your target audience and ways to make them loyal clientele. You can write messages on the packaging related to the product; it will connect the customers to  your brands at the best level. 

Wrap Up the Discussion!

In a nutshell, custom printed boxes promote your brand, increase brand awareness, and help your brand become a word of mouth. These boxes ensure your product will remain safe in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom printed boxes a cost-efficient solution for startups?

Yes, these are cost-effective solutions for startups. Especially when they order in a large quantity. Many custom printing companies offer boxes at wholesale prices, which creates ease for startups.  

What are custom printed boxes?

Custom printed boxes are shipping boxes that have been printed with designs, logos, writing, etc., that are unique to the customer. They make it possible for brands to put their logos and messages right on the package. Custom boxes are often used for packaging retail items, e-commerce packages, food, and more.

What can you get custom printed on boxes?

Boxes can be printed with full-color graphics, patterns, logos, text, barcodes, QR codes, pictures, and more. Custom printing uses flexographic or digital printing methods to put professional-looking patterns on corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, and other box materials.

Where can I order custom printed boxes in Canada?

There are many manufacturers and printing companies across Canada, like Viveprinting, offering custom printed boxes in Canada. You can search for “custom printed boxes Canada ” or “custom packaging Canada ” to find suppliers near you.

What types of materials can be used for a custom printed box?

  • Kraft paper 
  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated cardboard

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