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Custom Lanyards: The Unsung Heroes of Movie Productions

In the world of filmmaking, every detail counts. From the grandeur of the set to the authenticity of props, movie productions leave no stone unturned in their quest to create compelling stories. Surprisingly, one often-overlooked element plays a significant role behind the scenes: custom lanyards. These unassuming accessories find their place in various aspects of filmmaking, contributing to the seamless execution of cinematic magic. Let’s take a closer look at how custom lanyards are used in movies.

Crew Identification

On a movie set bustling with activity, it’s crucial to identify who’s who. Custom lanyards are commonly used to display crew badges or identification cards. Each department or role can have a unique lanyard color or design, making it easy to distinguish between team members, from the director to the production assistants.

Access Control

Movie sets are often highly secure areas, with restricted access to certain locations. Custom lanyards are used as access control tools. Only those with the appropriate lanyard (often embedded with RFID technology) can enter specific areas, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the production.

Prop Management

Props are an integral part of any film. Custom lanyards come into play here as well, serving as a practical way to carry and manage props. Small props like keys, walkie-talkies, or even prop weapons can be attached to lanyards, making them readily accessible to actors and crew during scenes.

Costume & Wardrobe

In costume and wardrobe departments, lanyards are handy for keeping track of costumes, accessories, and outfits for various scenes and characters. Wardrobe assistants use custom lanyards to label and organize clothing items, ensuring that actors are always dressed appropriately.

Script Supervision

Script supervisors play a vital role in ensuring continuity in a film. They rely on custom lanyards to keep their scripts, notes, and important documents close at hand. Lanyards with pockets or pouches provide convenient storage for their tools of the trade.

Prop Department

The prop department often uses custom lanyards to attach items to actors or props themselves. This ensures that essential items, like microphones or tracking devices, remain in place during action-packed scenes without being visible on camera.

Special Effects

In movies that involve special effects or stunts, custom lanyards can be creatively incorporated into the action. They can be used to trigger practical effects, like explosions or collapsing structures, while remaining hidden from the audience’s view.

Promotional Material

For promotional events related to the movie, custom lanyards can feature the film’s logo, release date, or branding. These lanyards are often used during premieres, press conferences, and fan conventions, serving as both marketing tools and keepsakes for attendees.

Custom lanyards may not take center stage in movies, but their presence is undeniable. From helping manage props to ensuring crew safety and enhancing the overall production process, these versatile accessories quietly play crucial roles behind the scenes. So, the next time you watch a movie, remember that even the smallest details, like custom lanyards, contribute to the magic of cinema. They are the unsung heroes that help bring your favorite films to life.


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