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Crypto Heads’ Katarina Van Derham is set to grace the screen in the highly anticipated blockbuster, Team Havnaa

This gripping boxing drama tells the incredible true story of two brothers from rural Norway who boldly take on the world in their own unique ways. The narrative unfolds as they strive to propel the younger brother to the pinnacle of professional boxing, ultimately achieving Norway’s first world championship. However, when the champion retires, the older brother, having sacrificed everything to support his sibling’s dreams, finds himself at a crossroads. His indomitable spirit leads him on a new path, marking history with the audacious decision to participate in the largest heist in Norwegian history.

Directed by BårdBreien of The Art of Negative Thinking fame and penned by writer RavnLanesskog and co-writer EskeTroelstrup, Team Havnaa promises a cinematic journey into the lives of the Havnaa brothers from Arendal, Norway.

The film stars seasoned actor Tobias Santelmann as Erling and introduces Odin Waage in his feature film debut as Magne. For Katarina Van Derham, known for her roles in Crypto Heads and Unbelievable!!!!!, this project fulfills a dream as she takes on the role of an American TV journalist.

On her Instagram, she shared, “Last week I lived my dream. I got to go back to the 90s! I’ve always wanted to be in a movie based on a true story that’s taking a place in the 90s.”

She continues, “When I came to America in 1998, the very first, sort of official American job I got was in the production for the beach hockey PBH, which was produced for the sports TV channel ESPN. That’s when I got the entertainment bug. The giant cameras, a ton of cables, production trailers and much more was so amazing to me. The girl who was hired to be the host was beautiful and so American! A few years later I got to be an actress and host myself but I could never get true American speaking roles because of my accent. Last week, however, I got to play an American TV journalist for ESPN where my accents didn’t matter. Even though it was a small part, it was the part I have waited for very many years. I was that girl I admired at that first job.”

The NOK 48.5m (€4.1m) film, a co-production between Norway, the Czech Republic’s FilmKollectiv, and Slovakia’s PubRes, received support from the Norwegian Film Institute. Nordisk Film Distribution is set to release the film in Norway in 2024, promising an eagerly awaited cinematic experience.

Get ready for an unforgettable tale of ambition, sacrifice, and unexpected twists on the big screen!

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