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Create Unforgettable Branded Experience With This Great Tool

Recent studies examining consumers’ experiences with custom tissue paper packaging have shown that branded tissue paper is more preferred than air pillows or plain fill paper.

Let’s discuss some of the findings of three-month research done by Package InSight at Clemson University and Seaman Paper Co.

What is The Impact of Branded Tissue Paper Packaging?

Point #1 – It elicits positive emotion.

More than 80% of those that had experienced tissue paper packaging felt that tissue paper changed the whole unboxing experience. Tissue paper increased the level of joy and surprise as it is with receiving a gift. These emotions were experienced during 66 percent of the unboxing time.

Those whose packing tissue was branded had experienced more than 40 percent more positive emotion than those whose tissue paper was plain. Other participants whose packaging materials were air pillows, void-fill paper, and so on said that the packaging had no notable impact. Coupled with custom printed tape, the package made for a memorable experience.  

Point #2 – It improves the overall brand perception.

Study participants whose items were wrapped in tissue paper gave the brand a higher rating. The overall rating of void-fill containers was 12% lower than that of tissue paper-wrapped items. Customer’s loved the overall experience, thus elevating the image of the brand. 

More than 80% of the participants said they had a better impression of the items wrapped in branded tissue paper, while 87 percent said their experience was much or somewhat enhanced. 

Tissue paper packaging gives brand owners the chance to stand out from the crowd. It is a great way to build your brand identity and turn first-time buyers into repeat businesses.

Point #3 – Creates a memorable experience.

Owing to the greatly enhanced unboxing experience, participants whose items were packaged in tissue paper thought the experience was more memorable. As a result, they made repeat purchases and gave good referrals. More than 50% of the respondents stated that they’d be more inclined to post images and experiences of a tissue-paper-packaged product on their social media handles.

Three months after interacting with a tissue-paper-wrapped item, participants had a 40% higher recall of the product. According to the study, more than 70% of respondents are more inclined to recommend a brand that wraps its products in tissue paper because it makes them feel thought of.

Make a lasting impression on buyers by extending the love with custom branded tissue paper. Customers feel cared about by brands that use this material for packaging. Let your brand be the first to come into your consumers’ minds whenever products you deal in are mentioned.

Point #4 – Creates a greater sense of worth

According to the study, tissue paper recipients placed a 24% higher value on their items than those whose items were wrapped with void-fill and air pillows.

Even while tissue gift paper is a fairly cheap packaging collateral to produce, the value placed on branded tissue paper wrapping was two to four times higher than other packaging materials. This is a valuable, actionable insight you must not ignore. 


Tissue paper wrapping is relatively inexpensive but has great benefits, helping you reach ROI faster while building brand equity. If consumers place more value in items packaged with branded tissue paper, it means they will be willing to pay more for the same item. 

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