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CoolEdge Air Cooler is one of the finest air conditioner units on the market. Learn more about it with these reviews.

CoolEdge Air Cooler Reviews – Real CoolEdge Portable AC or Fake Results?

Summers can be harsh, especially with the rise in global warming that is causing an unpredictable increase in temperature, making the heat too much to bear. In such conditions, people are left with no choice but to buy air conditioners and air coolers that certainly cost a lot of money. Added to these charges are the electricity bills and maintenance costs that might not suit your budget.

To provide a more budget-friendly alternative, CoolEdge Air Cooler is now available for purchase, which not only cools the surroundings but only shows a visible decline in electricity utility bills and overall charges. Click Here to Get CoolEdge Air Cooler From Its Official Website 

CoolEdge Review

What is CoolEdge Air Cooler?

CoolEdge Air Cooler is an efficient and cost-effective device that protects you from relentless heat in extreme summers. It is a multi-functional device that can be used as an air conditioner, air purifier, air humidifier, and a normal fan, preventing the hassle of buying individual devices, hence saving money and space.

It is an environment-friendly solution that does not rely on refrigerants to cool the surroundings and does not give out greenhouse gases. It is affordable, easy-to-carry, and a rechargeable device that claims to cool small spaces and helps you relax on a hot day.

Being available in two different colors adds an aesthetic sense to your room with a dark green and white color.  Does CoolEdge Really Work? A Must Read Before Buying

How does CoolEdge Air Cooler work?

The working mechanism of this device revolves around Hydro Cool technology and evaporative cooling that uses the magical power of water to add coolness to your room. The usage of water is beneficial because it being a renewable energy source and safe for the planet. this device absorbs hot air inside, allows it to pass through ice-cold water present in a tank, purifies it from dust and allergens through a filtering curtain, and releases clean, cool and misty airy, helping you feel refreshed and active on a hot, humid day.

This device also adds moisture to the environment, ensuring your skin does not dry up excessively and helps you breathe better.

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Functions of Cooledge Air Cooler:

  • Air conditioner: Manufactured mainly as an alternative for air conditioners, this device mainly works as an air cooler by removing hot air from your room and converting it to a calming, cool, and humid breeze.
  • Humidifier: Unlike a conventional air conditioner, this device adds moisture to the environment to keep it humid which can prevent dry eyes and dry skin.
  • Air Purifier: With the help of filtering curtains that act as a sieve, this air cooler removes dust and microbes that can cause allergies in case you are prone to them.
  • Fan: The speed of this device can be adjusted according to the blade of the fan, which moves according to the speed selected.

Features of Cooledge Air Cooler:

  • Compact: The best part of this device is its small size. This makes it super useful as it can be placed anywhere in the room or office, depending on your need.
  • Portable: With a low weight, this device is ideal for your picnics and outdoor activities as it can be carried anywhere.
  • Rechargeable: If you are living in an area that faces constant electricity shortage, this is the product you should definitely own as it can be charged using a USB cable powered by your phone or power bank. 
  • Energy-efficient: It is quite unbelievable that a powerful device like this consumes very little amount of energy, thereby cutting the cost of electricity bills.
  • Affordable: The goal of introducing this device is to make it affordable for all people so this product costs very less and discounts are available on bulk purchases.
  • Noise-proof: Since this device does not use heavy machinery to work, it works silently without disturbing your sleep or distracting you in the middle of your work.

How to use Cooledge Air Cooler:

This device can be set up for usage by following simple steps:

  • Unbox and unwrap this device as you receive it.
  • Open the water tank of this device and fill it to its maximum capacity.
  • Use chilled water or melted ice to fill the water tank.
  • Plug the device into a power source to charge the battery.
  • Enjoy the cool breeze within seconds of setting up this gadget.
  • Refill the tank after every 10-12 hours for maximum results.

Pros of using Cooledge Air Cooler:

The bliss that follows the usage of this gadget includes:

  • Reduced power usage: This device is battery-operated and the batteries require a very low amount of power to get charged. Due to this, the usage of power is reduced. The batteries are known to last for a reasonable amount of time.
  • No installation cost: As compared to a conventional air conditioner that requires continuous monitoring and frequent services, this device does not need a lot of attention. Since it is portable, there is no installation cost and no labor cost involved. It is a one-time investment that lasts for years.
  • 3-speed adjustable fan: On days when you do not want cool air, this device can act as a fan as it has an adjustable speed. Moreover, it can also be used in winters to keep the air in circulation.
  • Adds charm to the environment: This device is available in two colors, green and white, both of which can add to the beauty of your room. 

Cons of using Cooledge Air Cooler:

  • Available online only: This gadget is available for purchase online only through websites and cannot be purchased through stores.
  • Cools a small space: This device, in no way, can be compared with a traditional air conditioner when it comes to cooling up a large room. It can cool small spaces and cubicles only.
  • Continuous refilling of water tank: The cooling of air will continue till the water tank has cool water. Once the temperature of water drops, it has to be replaced for cool air to continue.

CoolEdge Air Cooler Pricing:

The price of this device is affordable, as stated. 

  • One CoolEdge Air Cooler costs $79.
  • Two CoolEdge Air Coolers cost $137, and one air cooler is being given for free.
  • On purchase of three Cooledge Air Coolers, two air coolers are available for free at a cost of $197.

Final Verdict on CoolEdge Air Cooler Review:

CoolEdge Air Cooler is a highly recommended device that uses evaporative cooling technology to cool down air and give a pleasurable breeze that can combat the heat. With amazing features and numerous benefits, this product is a must-buy if you want to spend your summers in peace. In terms of cost, this device is affordable and discounts are available on bulk purchases. Visit Official CoolEdge Air Cooler Website Here

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