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What is CleanTok? Well, it is the emergence of cleaning videos on TikTok. Learn more about the trend here.

What is CleanTok?

What is CleanTok? Well, it is the emergence of cleaning videos on TikTok. You heard right; there is a new trend on the wacky dance and lip-sync platform for people doing their cleaning. 

What happens when people do their household chores and post them online? Well, 13.6 billion pairs of eyes look on and watch it. Our least favourite activity somehow manages to become the most scintillating topics when posted on TikTok.

What is behind this popularity?

You have every right to be dubious about the arrival of cleaning on TikTok. But the reasons for its arrival are apparent. We were all stuck in our homes for a time as the pandemic forced a lockdown. The amount of time we had, gave us lots of opportunities to clean our homes and share these experiences with others. 

It makes sense that we clean our homes when we are sat in them for so long. It is maybe reasonable to say that sharing our day-to-day life makes it a good topic. Why would someone sit and watch another person clean their oven or vacuum their house? Yet, if you have ever researched CleanTok to work out the appeal, you will know that you are lost in a rabbit hole that is difficult to escape once in. Five hours later, you realise that there is something quite calming watching other people declutter their space.

The trends

Whether you sold or not on CleanTok, the numbers don’t lie. If you look for #cleaningTikTok, you will be amongst almost 6 billion others. Yes, billion. Searching for cleaning hacks as a hashtag, you are still in the billions. Other trending hashtags include #cleanwithme, #cleaningamr, #deepclean, #cleaningmotivation. If you want to be in with the most trendtastic on TikTok, you need to look for #poolcleaning, which has enjoyed 597.3 million views. If you think that is bizarre, get your head around 95.5 million views for #toiletcleaning.

Cleaning Hacks

While you might think watching people treating limescale in their toilet is odd, it does make sense if you are looking for the best guidance in doing this quickly and effectively. Tiktok has started advertising itself as a place to learn and watch the best routines for cleaning those tough messes. We are all looking for hints and tips on getting the oven clean or getting a stain out of a quality rug. So, it makes sense that TikTok becomes a resource for these life hacks. With our hours of research, we have found the best hacks for you.

Laundry stripping

Sometimes getting dirt out of our laundry takes some aggressive action. Deep-set dirt can be ground in, and a regular wash won’t touch it. This TikTok hack suggested put a mix of borax, washing powder and laundry detergent in a ratio of 2:1:1 into a large tub, such as your bath. You can then drop in the item that needs stripping, and the water will turn an ugly shade of brown as the dirt seeps out of the laundry.

Paint removal

There is nothing more soul-destroying than paint spilt on your carpet as you are touching up your walls. Scrubbing at the paint with white spirits is one option but leaves behind a nasty smell and will still be likely to smear. If you get there at the point of the spill, you can start by scraping off the excess. You can then pour some hot water onto the stain and vacuum it up with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. If you keep doing this, the paint will lift into the hoover and leave your carpet as it was before.

Plughole cleaning

The smell you get from your sink is likely due to the build-up of grime and food residue in the pipe leading down from your plug hole. It is possible to unscrew the plug hole and use a toothbrush and bleach to clear this dirt and remover the smell. We didn’t even know you could unscrew your plug hole – these TikTok videos are amazing.

Stain removal from your stove

The water burn stains on your stovetop are considered normal wear and tear for your chrome. While you can live with it, there is a way to tackle the stain and return the shine. With some elbow grease and oven cleaner, you can return the brilliance of your stove as if it were new again. Be careful, though, as oven cleaner is a dangerous chemical. 

Shiny taps

You don’t have to use heavy-duty chemicals to get a shine on your faucets. It is possible to eliminate the calcium that builds up on your taps with some white vinegar and a toothbrush.

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