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Chris Evans is a super star thanks to his role as Captain America. Here are some less known facts about the MCU actor.

Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chris Evans

Whenever one hears about Chris Evans, the immediate picture that comes to one’s mind is that of Captain America. Chris Evans has attained global attention due to this role. He has been playing this iconic marvel character throughout the franchise and it’s pretty normal to look at him and consider the role of Captain America to be his biggest role. Honestly, this role has brought a lifetime of opportunities to him, provided him a good deal of job security and it’s one of the best on-screen roles he has played so far.

No doubt directors considered other actors apart from Chris Evans for the role of Captain America as rumors have it that he’s going to leave soon. But for the time being, Chris Evans is cap and no one would have done it better. However, Chris Evans has played other roles too on screen that have also been wildly popular. Often his crazy fans have asked questions about his personal life or showed interest in knowing more about Chris Evans.

We have listed a few cool things about Chris Evan that you might don’t know about him.

He was chosen for the film Elizabethtown. Elizabethtown is a charming romantic comedy. The movie was ultimately given to Orlando Bloom. Directors thought the role to be fit for Chris Evans but while shooting it was realized that the role was much more suitable for bloom.

Chris was seeing Jessica Biel for a while. It’s a common phenomenon for couples to come together and separate in Hollywood. Unless they find some common ground to hold on to, the couples part ways. We have got multiple instances of this happening. However, Chris and Biel looked happy together. Not much is known about this love life though.

So far, Chris has played three different heroes and one villain. As one can see, Chris has brilliantly pulled the role of Human Torch, Jensen in the Losers and Captain America. He also played the role of villain Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie. These roles by Evans are widely acclaimed and loved.

With the role of Captain America, Chris has appeared in 11 films altogether. Not in every film do we find Chris appearing with the same capacity, but he has been featured in one way or the other. For instance in Spider Man Homecoming, Chris’ role as Captain America was used in the film as an inspirational video. That has again been a part of the marvel universe and has now become a popular video to bring kids on the right path as a public service announcement.

Chris Evans loves to tap dance, as it’s known to reduce his anxiety. It might be weird to think about it but if you ever get a chance to try out tap dance, you would realize how difficult it is to get your feet to move right. However, once you master the art of it, you would find solace in its rhythm.

Throughout the making of the Avengers, the cowl he wore gave him a constant headache. Because he had to wear that cowl as a part of his costume on screen, he had suffered from multiple migraines. That’s why we hardly saw him wearing the cowl towards the end of the Avenger series. He even stopped wearing the cowl completely while shooting some of the last scenes.

Chris Evans wishes to be a director eventually. He aspires to put his shield down and get into the task of directing behind the camera instead of acting in front of it. He thought that the role of Captain America would be over in But look at the position he has built for himself now! However sadly, it’s said that the upcoming Marvel movie would feature him for the last time as Cap. This news has left fans to wonder who would be taking his role as Captain America and how far would be successful in pulling it.

He crushed over Sandra Bullock as a child While giving an interview for the W Magazine in 2016, he revealed that he had developed some feelings for Sandra Bullock after he watched Speed. We can also find Bullock joking merrily about her and Chris’s relationship in an interview from 2014. She jokingly said that they were married but the marriage started breaking apart leading to their divorce.

For his role in movies, he gained weight and muscles became necessary especially for his role in Not Another Teen Movie as he had to take off his shirt at one scene. He didn’t want to look skinny on camera or to his fans. At this point, he started to bulk up and people loved his physique.

The amount he got paid for his latest avengers film is insanely bigger than his first pay for Captain America. His pay for Captain America wasn’t even half a million. However, when he played Avengers: Age of Ultron, he earned about $7 million.

He turned down the role of Captain America twice. Chris mentioned in an interview that getting the role of Captain America felt like the ultimate temptation for him. He considered it as his ultimate job offer, which would offer him the biggest pay. He was confused not knowing what is exactly to be done. Rejecting the offer felt like the right thing to do for him.

Robert Downey Jr Gave him some consulting and Chris accepted his role In another interview, Chris mentioned how Iron Man convinced him to accept his role as Captain America. He said he has shot a hundred scenes with this man, which he had loved thoroughly. It was fun.

He considers himself a Buddhist Chris grew up in a Catholic family but the family was pretty flexible regarding religion. He says that there’s no compulsory rule to visit the church every week and that no one forced him to take up Catholicism.

We have covered most of the interesting facts about Chris. He is one of the most successful Hollywood actors currently. According to Purenetworth Chris Evans, net worth is $87 million. He rose to fame after his role as Captain America in the Marvel franchise. How it’s extremely disheartening for his fans to know about his departure from this movie franchise.

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